Monday, September 13, 2010

My Public Service Announcement

SAN BRUNO, Calif. — An ominous theme has emerged from the wreckage of a deadly pipeline explosion in California: There are thousands of pipes just like it nationwide.

SAN BRUNO, CA - SEPTEMBER 09: Flames and a smoke plume rise from a massive fire in a residential neighborhood September 9, 2010 in San Bruno, California. A huge explosion rocked a neighborhood near San Francisco International Airport. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


Don't let this happen to you. This explosion happened just ten miles from me. Just on the other side of the hill. I pass by this neighborhood at least once a week. Between four and seven people died. Several people were hurt, some extremely. 57 or so houses were totally destroyed, others were damaged to one extent or another. All the people in this neighborhood, their friends and families lives have been irrivocably changed. Forever. I know it affected me. I have no ties here, I just pass by.

This was caused (allegedly) by our major gas company's inability to take care of aging pipelines. They were told in the weeks leading up to this horrific event that there was a gas leak, because plenty of the people in this neighborhood smelled gas. They didn't do enough.
We are not protected like we think we are.
Write to your utility copmpanies and demand they take care to inspect and if need be repair their aging equipment. I do not want to hear that some of my blogger friends have met with a tragic event such as this.


Debbie said...

Tragic and unnecessary. My prayers go out to those affected.

Unfortunately, I am not at all surprised. It's terrifying to think of all the things needing to be fixed and no action being taken.

valerie said...

Hi Claudia...thanks for your recent comment! This San Bruno disaster is terrible...I feel the same way.

Good luck with your weight loss plans. Just remember...upping your walking can do wonders. Stairs, parking farther than your normally would, doing a couple of laps around the block. Every little bit helps and next thing you know, the pounds will drop off.

Midwest Mommy said...

That is so frightening.

Debbie said...

I saw where you had posted again, but can't get to it. Did you delete it? LOL