Thursday, September 27, 2012

What does it mean???

Just wondering. What does it mean when you came out of the grocery store to find a seagull standing on top of your car? He (it) stood there the whole time I was putting my groceries in the back of the truck and then while I unlocked the door, then while I snapped several pictures of it, a few at fairly close range. Then it stood there as I started the truck and I backed out of the parking space! I could hear it trying to stay standing as I was backing up! It finally flew off. What does that mean??? What does it mean when a Dragonfly is sitting over the price on the gas pump at 6:30 on a cold and foggy morning. I rarely ever see a Dragonfly in these parts. It's generally too cold. But this was was just chillin' at the station. I got pictures of that too. But...what does it mean??? What does it mean when you've taken some pictures of some strange behavior by critters and can't share those pictures because you've taken the pictures with your cell phone and have no clue how to get them off the phone??? What does it mean? I know. That last one means I have no proof of these strange acting critters!


Paxie said...

LOL it means you are loved by all...especially nature! It also means you need to figure out how to do it and pronto. I want to see!!

The part about the seagulls is amazing. I didn't know they would do that!

Hope you are doing well, hon!


stitcherw said...

Sometimes I think critters do it just to make us go hummmm, LOL. Like when a cat sits and stares at the wall or floor and you're sure something must be there, so you start really looking too, and then they just wander off like, ha ha, got you.

As to pictures, I email them to myself and then download from there, only way I've figured out how to get them off the phone :)