Monday, October 15, 2012

A Tale of Two Households

Where do I start with this? The beginning is too long of a story. The middle is boring.  Starting at the right now, well, I will try.
Saturday we celebrated my Dad's 90th birthday! His birthday was actually Sunday, but for the convenience of ALL concerned Saturday was the day we partied. It was a wonderful day.  My Dad was all ready to go when I went by his house to help get him ready to go. He had shaved and found a good shirt and some nice slacks to wear. He hasn't tried this hard in a while. It made me feel good to see him feeling good.
The weather cooperated with our plans. Many friends old and new came by to wish him well, eat and drink to his health. It was a fun, fun day.
Now. Back to reality. Although his mind is sharp as a tack, his legs aren't working as well as they could. He uses a cane, could use a walker but refuses and has one of those electric carts to help him get the longer distances. He had a girlfriend living in his house with him, but they were just getting too old to take care of each other and she was having a hard time remembering meds and appointments, making her health go downhill. She called her kids and they have come and moved her back up to their home to take care of her there. Which leaves my Dad by himself in his house. Not fun for him, it gets lonely I am sure. Then there is the safety issue. If something happens, no one will know until we go by there after work. We don't want to take the chance with him, he is far too precious to us.
Therefore, I am moving in with him. At first it was kind of a conspiracy between my sisters and I. We decided he shouldn't be on his own, I don't want just anyone there with him and certainly we will not be moving him to a "home". Yes, there are wonderful ones available, but just not yet for Dad.  I was waiting for the appropriate time to talk to him about me moving in, and one day when I was there he just said, "Why don't you consider moving in here? We'll rent your house out."  I am okay with all but the renting my house out. My kids are still there and I won't be throwing them out any too soon. I still have animals that need to stay put, I won't have room for all my possessions, and I refuse to stuff them in storage for over a hundred bucks a month. That's a waste of money. My girls can stay here, pay me rent and keep the bills up. Just got to get Dad to agree. It's his house too.
I don't know when the big move is going to happen. His girlfriend still has a lot of furniture there and that needs to be taken or there's no room for my stuff.
So again I am off on another adventure. Life's funny with all its twists and turns. I am looking forward to this, with just a touch of hesitation.


Paxie said...

Well, this has to be just the most "happy all around" idea I've heard and I know your Dad will feel reassured to have you there!

I'm sure the girls will live up to their part...if not, I'll be flying out to help you jerk a knot in them LOL

Not that you need my help hahahaha

Sound great hon ♥

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sounds like you're making the right decision to me.