Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Making Some Headway

I am sporadic. Or should I say, I am a sporadic person. You all know that, by seeing the dates I post. Life is keeping me from doing stuff like this. At times I feel compelled to write. Not because I think you all need to know what is going on in my life. Not at all. My life is fairly boring. Don't get me wrong, I kind of like it that way.
BUT. I have made progress and I need to put that down somewhere, so I can look back and see that I did do something at some point in my days. I have been cleaning my bedroom for, oh lets say for the sake of argument, a couple of months. Yes. A couple of months. I don't like rushing into these things. My brain had decided that there were other things more important than my room. The only time I spend in there now is getting ready for work, changing after work and sleeping. So, why would I worry about what it was looking like?
It just got to be too much for me finally. I moved some stuff around, emptied out a couple of bags of things that I had brought from the other house and a bag or two of things a friend gave me. (Real grateful there, isn't it? She gave those things to me months ago.)
I just found some pieces to a quilt I started ...years...years ago. And I have to tell you. I didn't feel bad about it sitting there so long. Some of you have helped me with that by telling stories of your own quilt tops being sidelined for lengthy periods of time. I will finish it; eventually. There are other things that need to be finished, and maybe this will be the year that I work on some of my long put aside WIP's. It would be nice to finish something that is from long ago.
I am in awe of those of you who have full time jobs, children, husbands and multiple things to do each day. Maybe it's because you have that momentum that you accomplish so many things. And quilt! I complain (to myself) that I have work forty hours a week, a house that needs clearing as well as being fixed up to live in while being cleared and only two days to do errands, housekeeping, appointments, communicate with sisters on progress of the house, bills, rubbish pickup and trailer deliveries. (My BIL has a trailer I use to toss garbage from this house, but it gets taken away at the most inopportune times) I can never find the time to just sit and quilt...I would love to do a whole day marathon.
Yesterday I had to go and rent a truck to move a couple of gross couches that my oldest daughter didn't want at my house up the road. That was about six hours given up to do something I hadn't planned on. It had to be done and she can't drive right now, therefore I needed to help. We made the best of it and went and had lunch together when we were finished. I also had to pick up this computer, because I had it in with the Geek Squad to remove a virus.
Last night I managed to do a block from Tula Pink's City Sampler. I think I did #4 again. I didn't like the way the first one turned out. I can't take pictures, because we have finally gotten the rain we so desperately needed and it's really gloomy, not picture taking light at all. Today I made a little slip cover for my Kindle. I just need to find a button to do the enclosure. I have one in mind. I just need to find my jar of buttons!!!
I need to do my laundry for the week, sweep the floors and mop the front room. See weather related talk above...it leads to muddy dog prints all over, so doing the floors is a daily event.
So yes. Making headway. Tomorrow it's back to work, and I am hoping that this week passes and quickly as the last one. I can't wait to get started on my home stuff again!
Thanks to you all for keeping me up to date with your blogging. I feel like I am part of something even though I can't participate as much as I would like!

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