Friday, April 24, 2015

There she is. In all her glory. I do live in a barn! Yes. This adorable little house started its life as a small barn and the previous owners changed it up a bit adding a front room, master bedroom, kitchen and 2 bathrooms.  They changed the upper portion of the barn into a loft bedroom. This place is so cute! There's five acres to boot!

I have to say thank you to Nanette for stopping by, leaving a comment about how she had wanted to read about my adventures and was disappointed that I had not added anything. Her comment prompted me to get off my duff, or rather get on my duff and say something about what is going on.

Here goes...

My daughter and I moved here after a whirlwind of what we could do and what we wanted to do and then what we just did do. I received my house back in the San Francisco Bay Area as a gift from my father who had passed away the year before. I could not afford to stay in that house. Property taxes, utility costs, gas prices driving to and from a job I hated just weren't making it easy for me. She was in a dead end, go no where, boring position. I had an anxious buyer for my house. Someone who we know well, who wanted to completely gut it and make it their own. We came up here to the Pacific Northwest last December and looked at properties, found one, went back home and made all the stuff  that needs to happen, work. Our friend got the house she wanted we got the house and property we wanted, We quit our jobs, packed up and left.

My daughter is working, I am "retired". We brought three horses, six dogs, two cats, two chickens and three fish with us. Since we got here in late January, I found three of the cutest goats, four more chickens (babies), and tomorrow I am picking up four goslings. My days are filled with feeding cleaning, playing with and loving my critters. I go out in the morning just after a few sips of coffee and feed all the "livestock" make sure they have water and are comfortable. Then I either come in and go to work on putting stuff away from the move (yes, I am still doing that) or I make a list and go out and buy groceries, things we need or stuff for the animals. Some of the critters...

I have all my craft room stuff still disorganized. All my weaving things are either in my craft room or the front room. I just have so many distractions.

Then, since there is never enough to do and I have two parcels on my land I found this free mobile home and had it brought here to fix up and rent out. This is a major project, heaven only knows when I can get this done!

So far, this is it. I have a laundry list of to-dos. I'll will try to keep this up to date, so you all can join in the fun! It will be good for me to do this. I can list my plans for you to see and then come back and show you what I have accomplished! 

Thanks again Nanette!

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Selina B said...

wow what an awesome house/barn! i'd live in it that's for sure.
yes, i'm with Nanette, please, please, more about your move & now with this new little endeavor with the mobile to rent out, what a nifty idea, especially to bring in a little more income, be interesting to read about your council approvals & what is allowed & what isn't? plus i can't wait to see how you renovate it.
thanx for sharing