Monday, May 11, 2015

Fencing, not fencing.

Here we are...fence building, not fence building. I guess I am too impatient. I just want my animals out...where they belong! Not cooped up in The goats are still rooming with the chickens, the horses are literally in a garage. Albeit, the garage floor is not cement, it's not a barn, and the horses have little room to move about. I bought five acres, I would like to use it!

Part of the problem here is the ROCKS! Can I now say that I hate rocks! I think I shared before, that we are on an old river bed. We have River Rocks. If there is a market for those, I would like to tap into it, because I would be a rich woman right now. Of course, then I would not have five beautiful acres of green pasture. 

There are two young men that I have hired pulling the rocks out of the holes I had bored out last week for my fence posts. The holes were holes in every sense of the word except for there wasn't an opening, the rocks just spill back into the hole because the auger can't pull them out like it does the dirt. 

My daughter did get the wood posts and all the T-Posts in along the back of the property and the posts around "Goat Island". We haven't got the fencing itself up. We ran out of time. My daughter works full time, and then on her weekends she works here trying to help get the animals situated. 

In the meantime, one of my goals moving up here and "retiring" was to enjoy all the local events. It is Irrigation Time. They turned on the irrigation water April 15th. That calls for a parade! Yes! And fireworks! Yes! And big muscled logger type guys competing for our enjoyment! Yes!

I got a ton of videos for the parade before my camera was full, so sorry, I didn't get any pictures of the logging guys!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. In fact, it was a little too warm...I moved here because it is cooler than where I lived in California, not this weekend! It was fun, I got to see how the small town does it's celebrating and I like it! I also got an idea of what I need to do for next year. I will be making quilty type things to sell at these events. That was also one of my work hard during the winter to get my "wares" in order and then spend the summer sharing them with everyone and meeting the locals and having fun.

So, I'm off to go do my errands in town, back to finish up my chores around here, which includes making a master list of everything that needs to get done, so we can start striking things off the list. Oy, there's a lot to do...until next time my well!

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Linda in Calif. said...

Thanks Claudia for commenting on my blog. You know, you said you were exhausted with my list - yours is much WORSE! LOL My hubby have a fence business and we know a little about rocks. But even your rock situation is worse! Honestly, the pictures of your place look just lovely and I think it's wonderful that you are making a great life for yourself and your daughter. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pictures.