Thursday, May 26, 2016

Just reflecting

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago. It's just so beautiful. We get these kinds of sunsets quite a bit. I watch the skies each night to see if I need to grab my camera and go out to snap a picture. I am thinking about making a wall quilt in these colors and try to figure out how to make it look somewhat like this sunset. We'll see, I still have to organize my sewing room!

I have been working off my scraps a little tiny bit. I pulled Tula Pinks "100 Modern Quilt Blocks" book out and every once in a while, do a block. I am doing them in order, because to do them any other way would be cause for catastrophe. It would never get done, because I wouldn't know where I was and where I was headed. I am doing it in whatever colors tickle my fancy at the moment. I started this the Christmas day after my dad passed away and I am only on the ninth block!!! Can you say slow and steady wins the race? Yes, I am slow, but unfortunately, I haven't worked on it steadily. Good thing I am not running an actual race.

This tree blooms all over every year. Well, it has the last two Springs. That's all I have been here. It blooms, becomes almost pure white and then about two weeks later, the blooms are brown. I have no clue what kind of a tree it is. I need to get an arborist (Is that what tree people are called?) out here to tell me what all my trees are. There are well over one hundred trees on this property. The previous owner came one day and showed me where various things are ( the water lines, electrical lines, etc.) I asked him about the trees and he rattled off several names and pointed in a general direction, but I wanted to take pictures and notes, he didn't have the time. Oh well, maybe I should invest in a Big Book of Trees.

My middle daughter and her boyfriend have moved into the mobile home I put on the property some months ago. It has no electricity, so they are basically camping. We are saving up the money for the electrical installation. That is going to cost us $2500. I can't wait until we get the money saved up. In the meantime, they have been doing a lot of work around here with me. It's nice to have the company and the help. They eat their meals here with me and take showers and do laundry here. I am glad that I have someone else here, but it will be nice to have them be able to do their own thing in the mobile. I grew accustomed to having the house all to myself. some days the comings and goings get pesky. Still I love having them. 

I am so happy that we have warmer weather on the way. Each day gets better. I wish I could afford to be a "snow bird". I would go back to California for the winter. I would have to have the kids take care of the outside critters and that is not fair to them. So I will just take what I can get when it comes to visiting "home". 

I suppose I have reflected enough. And I am sure I have bored you to tears. I have to go do more organizing. Wish me luck!

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