Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Journey

A journey of a thousand stitches begins with the first two squares...let's see where this takes me!

It's been like getting my teeth pulled to make myself make those first cuts. It's ridiculous. There is nothing so important pending, I have no job, it takes all of a half an hour to do the animal feeding outside and five minutes max inside. I never get to my dishes until afternoon, heaven only knows why. I know I am depressed. Enough so that I am thinking that since I have to change doctors before September, I will get the one tagged as Geriatric and spill the beans to her. My last doctor's bedside manner sucked so bad, I told him nothing. NOTHING! I'm glad he is leaving his practice here and going to work in a hospital. There he won't have to form relationships with his patients. Okay, wait. This wasn't supposed to be about my medical woes.

Part of the problem with cutting this fabric is, because it's from my father's work jeans. I am making pillows from the jeans for my sisters and me. Cutting into the jean fabric is just hard. I know the fabric will be around and my dad is in my heart always. Why is it so hard to let go of it? Maybe it's because my one sister may not appreciate it as much as the other sister. (and me of course.) This first one is for the sister who will not appreciate it as much. I'm still doing it, because well, she needs our dad's pants in her house. Why not? 

The first pillow and maybe even the subsequent ones will be log cabin squares. I have 16" pillow forms already, so the only thing I need to do is sew them up. I'm not sure how the back is going to be done just yet. I'm thinking the fabric needs to be as heavy as the front. Then there is the question of should I put a zipper on it, but that seems like a pretty heavy thing to do. I could do the overlap in the back so the pillow cover could be washed if need be. (She doesn't have animals or kids, so the pillow wouldn't get too dirty soon.)

Well, the more I type, the less I sew. So, I'm going to close here and get some sewing and cutting done. I'll post a progress picture. 


Selina B said...

sown with love & with memories in the fabric, surely they will all love the pillows?
i would put a flap or buttons, whichever is easiest for you, as then the cover can be washed, more practical i should think?
looking forward to seeing the finished pillows/cushions

thanx for sharing

Linda in Calif. said...

I love how you start this post - a thousand stitches starts with two squares! hahaha Okay, you may be depressed but you are still funny. And actually it helped me to hear you are a bit depressed. Nice to hear you are a real person (and nice to know I'm not the only one) I do know why it's so hard to cut those pants - because it one more step to him no longer being here. BUT this is much better way to enjoy them. And even if your sister doesn't appreciate as much - there's a real good chance she will later. I would do the flap - or buttons as Selina suggested. Have fun sewing. ((hugs)) And I hope you feel better.

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Scrapatches said...

One stitch at a time ... and a thousand stitches will get done. The journey makes the destination. May you keep on stitching and sharing. I am looking for a way to follow your blog, but not seeing an easy sign-up icon. Am I missing something? I have been know to miss the obvious ... :) Pat

Linda in Calif. said...

Yep - I would be hesitating to cut those jeans too. Good job getting started. (now I'm wondering have you gotten very far with this project?)