Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Little Afternoon Posting

I'm slow today. Slow to get up, slow to feed my outside critters (and boy did I get told about that!), slow to just about everything today. For some stupid reason, I couldn't sleep last night, so my brain is really fogged in.

I did get some Tula Pink blocks made today, I made some last night and I think the day before. I also found some blocks I made in 2013, that matched up with what I'm up to in the RSC, so I pulled those out and added them to my pile! Seeing as there are something like 29 Tula Pink blocks I chose for the sea green, turquoise, not green or blue color for February. I think my colors are way off the mark, but hey! I'm using up scraps!

These were fun, until I got to the one on the lower right. I had to recut some of the blocks, because I didn't get a measurement right or sewing right or something...the strip sewn to the next strip was off a good 1/4". Now I have extra block components to make into something else.

These were all straight forward and easy.

These are the blocks from 2013.

I went out yesterday and picked up a few things. One was a package at the Post Office. I hate going there. There is always a long line, the people don't hear half of what you say. I think that while you are talking to them they are planning what they are going to do on their lunch break! I had gotten an email that stated a package I was expecting had an attempted delivery. (The mail carrier can't go through my's all mud at the bottom of the driveway anyway and I would be pulling them out of it) The email also said that I could pick up my package at the office as stated on the slip the carrier left for me. When I went up to the mailbox to get the slip, it wasn't there. I went into town anyway and the clerk told me, oh no it won't be here. Those emails are deceiving. I asked her to go look anyway, she did, the package was there. Okay, done with that!

That package was a light for the sewing machine that I read about over at Debbie was saying how great this light is and I have a lot of trouble seeing past all the shadows on my machine. I ordered it and put it on last night before working on some blocks. WOW! What a difference this little light made! It was easy to install, although had I thought it out a little better it would look less like spaghetti at the machine! But I love it and I think that is what counts!!!

I also picked up a new file cabinet. I'm trying really hard to get organized, so I am not swearing every time I go to look for paperwork I need or something that is equally as important to me. This is a cool cabinet. It's the regular old metal type but it has a smaller drawer on top that I can lock. I can keep special stuff there! Now, I just have to make myself go through all my paperwork and start filing! YAY! (not)

Back to RSC...sorry. Here is my Wonky Log Cabin. I have only made one so far. I will make another on of these days.

I joined a group on Facebook, "Sew Incredibly Crazy and Friends Block Of the Month". I figured what the heck? I wanted to sew, so I shall sew! This is only one block a month and I will learn new techniques. I thought the first block was so cute. I haven't done applique before and I had never done any Dresden Plate type stuff either, so there I go! I loved it!

And because I think I haven't bored you all quite to tears yet...the before and after of my very first snowman!
It's okay, he was kind of evil looking anyway!

See you all over at Angela's!


The Joyful Quilter said...

Your blocks are looking GREAT. Even better that you were able to add some older quilt blocks to your RSC pile. USING the scraps is the important part, perfect color coordination with the Color of the Month is simply a bonus!

Nell's Quilts said...

The Tula Pink blocks are so much fun to make. She puts a pretty modern twist on her blocks. I must admit I find it hard to sew at night because of the shadows. I just might have to invest in one of those cute little lights that attach to the machine.

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

pretty blocks and the applique piece is lovely...your weather appears to be like mine. Snow one day and melting , rain and mud the next. I have a Dresden Plate quilt on one of the grandkids beds...I enjoyed making those blocks : )

Kate said...

Lots of fun sewing at your place. Love the evil snowman, I guess the sun got him?

Rachel said...

Nice! That sun is great! So glad you got your package!

PaulaB quilts said...

What a hassle just to get a package! Glad you are happy with your light, it will make all the difference for you. I have lived in the Bay Area and Seatrle area. My friend in WA sent me a photo of her grandson making his first snowman. The smile on his face is priceless. You've had a crazy weather year. I live in Wisconsin now and miss the ocean a lot. You can't compare a lake to salt water, no way. Enjoy your place and your stitching this week.

Alycia said...

Your blocks are so much fun! and I bet you heard about it from your critters! ha ha - they come to expect food at specific times don't they!

gpc said...

Love your February blue-greens! Your snowman made me laugh. :) Good luck with your organization -- I am looking for inspiration so I'll be checking back in!

Scrapatches said...

Good looking blocks.

I had the Tula Pink book gifted to me a few years back and I am yet to sew any of these blocks. Yours are inspiring me to find some fabric and get this book out and sew. I also need to sew more RSC blocks. I have been doing these as leaders and enders and have a good sized stack but have not posted pictures lately.

Your Sun Sand and Sea BOM block looks great. Happy to see you sewing along on this one ... :) Pat