Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What the heck is going on???

Smokey morning. The smoke has since left town. Thank the powers that be!

New baby. This is Sadie.
This is Sadie a few weeks later. I need to take some more recent pictures. She's a LOT bigger now. Nineteen pounds at 12 weeks!

My grandson...first day of kindergarten. He's an old pro at it now and ready for college. Oh wait! That's me and my wishful thinking! He's a terror, but damn I love this kid!!!

I have been soooo absent! Life has literally gotten in the way of my life! My daughter, her boyfriend and his son have moved in with me. We are trying to purchase a manufactured home for the other piece of my property for them to live in. They will be leasing with an option to buy from me. That's security for me in a number of ways. My daughter is finishing up farrier school this week. She has gotten good reviews from her teacher and is looking forward to a career of hard work but something she loves. She added to our horse population by two last week. She found a family with about eight kids and two horses that they could no longer take care of and bought the horses from them. So now my grandson has his own horse!

After losing my two dogs in May, I went through a pretty deep depression. My friend breeds German shepherds and I bought one from her. Sadie is a mixed blessing...One of pure bliss from puppy kisses and cuteness, the other from pure exasperation from cleaning up mistakes in the house to vet bills removing embedded foxtails! She is a smart quick to learn and please me pup, with some stubbornness and 'dogged' determination in there as well. She loves her older siblings, but the feeling is not mutual. They all look at me with that..."MOM! She is a pest" look!

Sewing happened for a second. I did try to get back into it the other day, but since I had a party for my daughter's birthday and cleaned house for it to the point of everything not party related being put away away, all my sewing stuff is tucked in. It's so hard to get it out as I am sewing. I give up when I can't find stuff. UGH! Soon my friends, soon! I feel the itch coming back.

More soon, I hope, I will try, I promise!


Selina B said...

Sadie is very cute & may you have many years of romping with her :))

how's the Catio coming along?

it's good you'll have some company up on the farm & of cos the help is always appreciated.

looking forward to your next post

thanx for sharing

Linda in Calif. said...

What a delight to find a post from you. I love hearing about your life. OH PUPPY! Who can resist such a cutie! My dog was horrible, just horrible when she was a pup. I wanted to get rid of her so bad. Now I love her and she's my friend and buddy. Hang in there! hahaha Your grandson is a cutie too. I know you love having that terror around. Boys are so much fun. Good for your daughter, so happy she is doing so well. Sounds like life is a handful for you. Enjoy it! And I'm looking forward to your next post too. :-)

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

You made me laugh today. To sides to all of us including pups. Enjoy.

LA Paylor said...

Yea! Loved the catching up and Sadie! She is too adorable!! Those big feet and eyes. Is she thru the biting phase? Milo mostly is but still bites on Daddy.

It's nice when they want to please you... follow you around.