Thursday, October 19, 2006


I didn't realize it has been so long since I came in and blogged! I guess I am busier than I thought. Work is getting better, except that the owner closed the store down Oct. 14 and 15, to do an inventory and clean up...which didn't really happen. We counted and we cleaned, but his store is large and he had delusions of grandeur. When I left for my "weekend" Tuesday night they were still counting at the beginning of the second half of the store. I feel bad for the GM, she is obsessing about getting the store done, maybe cause she knows the owner better than I do. This is why I gave up management positions. I do enough obsessing on my little personal stuff, don't need some big business owner guy making me that way at work too.

I have not been stitching. I want to. I sit down next to my project and look at it longingly, but I can't seem to pick it up! I know that when I actually do pick it up, I enjoy working on it. Maybe I am just too darned tired in the evening, and I know my "weekend" was not the weekend any of us wants to have. (spent my time helping my daughter who had an extrememly bad incident with her EX boyfriend, and then spent my afternoon in court getting a restraining order for my own protection) So tonight I was going to stitch, but just sat next to it again looking...details at 11. I know, there I go again! I have to get to bed. More later!
Back to work tomorrow, we'll see what happens after work.

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