Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well, that's better!

I've been tweaking with my blog a little this morning. I always like when someone changes theirs around a little. Just freshening up. I have never really taken the time to mess with it, cause well, I just didn't know where to start. And since I have SOOO much time on my hands I thought I would just sit here and learn a little. Never mind that the laundry needs laundering or my room needs a little organizing, or the dogs need baths...and I have to be back at work at 7 in the morning. Right here and now, I wanted to play with the blog!
So I put up and new banner to fit the season and I changed colors, which means now that I figured that out, I can actually READ the words on my blog. Amazing, isn't it?
Other than playing with the blog, I have done much of nothing. I drove my MD to San Mateo yesterday for an appointment. I didn't ask for gas money (which normally I would do), I didn't complain about my time (which normally I would do). I took my waiting book to read, I took my dishcloth knitting, I patiently sat in my truck until she was done. She said thank you.
We were both hungry so I searched out a place to get a quick bite. We eneded up at New York Bagels. m-m-m good! I bought us both bagels and coffee. (I didn't complain about the money spent (which normally I would). She said thank you. We came home and waited for OD to come home and then we got in her car and went to JoAnn's Fabrics. OD had found a pattern for a really neat dress and has decided that she wants to learn to sew. I applaud that effort. So, we went to find fabric (inexpensive for practice) so she could start learning. While there, I found lots o' stuff I wanted. They are having a sale so I didn't feel as guilty as I normally would feel.
I bought a soda for MD as she was thirsty...didn't complain.
We got home with all our treasures. I put mine away, and started dinner. OD went to work. MD ate, and played on the computer. Then, just as we were getting ready to start shutting down for the night, MD asked me if she could have some ice cream that OD had bought just for me (my favorite). I told her no, that I hadn't even had any of it. She slammed out of the front room, making sure that the back door made as big a noise as she could get. I swear, I give and give and give, but she is never satisfied!


Stacie said...

i like the new look!

Trixie said...

I agree, it's a pretty picture.

Debbie said...

Good job on the new look, I like it too :)

I know the give, give and then slam routine well. Geez girl, we can't win. You really tried hard the whole day and for what? One day they will appreciate it, I promise. They may be in their 30's by then. Maybe it's when THEY have children, it hits them LOL.

Keep hanging in there and make sure you take care of YOU. They are old enough to fend for themselves if need be :)


kim-d said...

Hey you!!! I LOVE the new look; very beautemous, and in keeping with my favorite time of year.

That MD...what a scamp, huh? BWAHAHAHA! Ya know, Claudia, all I can think of is one of my favorite sayings--IT IS WHAT IT IS. Someday it might change, but more than likely not. Now this is just me, but I would not share my ice cream until she DOES change. :)

Have fun with the sewing lessons; that is really cool that OD wants to learn, and even better you can teach her.

Take care and ((((BIG HUGS))))...LOVE YA MUCH!!!

Anonymous said...

I love listening to Godzilla... I haven't heard that for ages...

Midwest Mommy said...

I am liking the new look.

stitcherw said...

Nice job on your blog update, the coloring in the header is so pretty. I really like autumn and its colors, when I can make myself forget that it is really a lead in for winter which I hate. So sorry to hear how the day ended with MD, how frustrating and irritating at the end. Hang in there {{hugs}}

Anonymous said...


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