Wednesday, October 01, 2008


It's amazing what words do. I was reading a newspaper article about the financial "bailout" that failed to pass whatever it was supposed to. The article was saying how it had failed and that they were changing the wording to get the "bailout" passed. (not in so many words though. haha)
"Bailout" has some pretty negative connotations. People "bailout" their relatives or friends who have been up to no good and got caught in the act and arrested. Other people "bailout" their sinking boats. Neither of which are good circumstances. Now our government wants to "bailout" sinking banks who were up to no good and got caught in the act.
I guess there were several surveys taken and the general consensus was that "bailout" was not a good word to use. So they are changing the wording to "investing in our future", "or the economic rescue bill" and that is supposed to sound much more like it will be to help us. I say BS!
A rose still has thorns even if you simply call it a flower.


kim-d said...

Oh yeah! I am not super familiar with what is going on with these banks and all these yahoos with their mortgages and stuff, but one particular saying keeps coming to mind...this bailout stuff? "it's been dipped in shit but came out smellin' like a rose." Then, too, I want to know where to sign up to get someone else to pay my mortgage. Because it just didn't register in my brain that I couldn't afford it. Please. Oh I just get all in a dither over this stuff. When all I really wanted to do was come over and give you a {{{{BIG, BIG HUG}}}}. :)

We MUST not let the fools get us down!!!

Love ya muchly...

Lisa J said...

I have a really hard time wrapping my brain around all of this stuff. Like everyone else is saying, when you live beyond your means, then you just have to pay or you lose it. Yet the government does not hold these greedy, poor decision making, people accountable. That is why we are in the mess we are. Both the government and these "big wigs" keep handing out money and no body wants to work for what they have. Except the middle working class families that keep bailing everyone else out! Who takes care of us.....we do and that's it. We take care of us and everyone else too. It just doesn't seem fair, it just doesn't.