Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hurry, hurry, hurry,

That's been my entire day.
I hurried, got up, got dressed at the butt crack of dawn, no before dawn, to wait for my daughter to finish getting ready for work so I could take her to the bus stop. (It's a mile away from us.)
Then I got home, waited for the second daughter to get up. (I had to go out and remind her it was time) She got up and ready, while I WAITED, so I could hurry her down to the bus stop. (I sure wish they were all on the same schedule)
Then I came home and hurried around trying to get the second coming of Thanksgiving dinner together. (I decided to cook another one, since I didn't get enough of the leftovers from the last one)
I had a Dr. appt at 12:10 to get my hip checked out and that is always a hurry up, get there, then wait thing. She ordered X-Rays so I hurried down there to wait. Then hurried over to the pharmacy to wait.
I then hurried to the store to pick up last minute things I had forgotten and hurried home because I have some guy coming to look at the washer/dryer I bought a few months back and don't need anymore. I may get my $100 back.
Now, I am waiting for him.
I'm also waiting for the turkey to be done.
And for my youngest to call to tell me when she will be home.
Then I am also waiting for this headache to go away.
I did not hurry up to get that, I think I got it cause I was hurrying.
Dr. gave me new blood pressure medicine.
She also gave me a once a day "painkiller".
I didn't want a painkiller, I wanted an anti-inflammatory. When I told her that, she said that is what that is.
Do you understand now, that this is precisely the reason I hate going to the doctor?
Plus it ended up costing me $75, so I am hoping the guy comes and actually buys the washer/dryer. That will pay for my not wanted trip to the Dr.


Midwest Mommy said...

Oh my goodness! My head just hurts from reading how busy you are :-)

Niki RuralWritings said...

Hi Claudia, I've enjoyed Rhonda's blog for over a year now, in fact we're bloggy "friends" , and you're right, her blog is wonderful.
Have a better day today, than you had yesterday! :)

Coffee Bean said...

Oh my! I hope you can slow down and rest soon!

Mary Ellen said...

No wonder your head hurts.
After that day, you need a nap!
Actually, I'm kind of tired after reading about it, so I think I'll go lie down.

stitcherw said...

Oh my, you have been in a rush, no wonder you have the headache. Hope things quiet down a bit for you soon, and that your washer/dryer sells like you're hoping.