Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Elton is in the house!

Actually "Elton" left the house. My oldest is on her yearly adventure with a friend. They are driving down the coast to surf other waters. This maybe their last year to do this for a while. OD will (hopefully) be going into her Respiratory Therapist Program after this summer. IF she can get the funds! It's going to cost her about $9000 for the classes, books, fees, etc. and she was turned down for a loan. The $9000 doesn't cover the cost of living and transportation to and from school. She will be going full time, so working a part time job like she's been doing won't cut it, and she needs to study, study, study, so a job is going to be hard to do.
I'm hoping her grandparents will come through for her. All they have to do is
co-sign, after she starts working she will pay the loan. (Which is a scary thought, because what if she doesn't get work after she graduates???
Anyway, I hope they have a blast on their three week trek down the coast. (Her friend's parents are going too, so I know they are relatively safe...else I would have been a little nervous)
She's been gone for under twenty four hours and I already miss her!


Debbie said...

I wish I was in OD's shoes! Sounds like so much fun :)

Respiratory Therapy? She will get hired but you're right. She'll have to work hard. Come on Grandparents and why can't she get a loan? That sucks.

I loved the photo!! She's so cute :)

stitcherw said...

I hope she has a wonderful time, and that you don't worry to much while she's gone. The house does seem empty when they leave though. When my DD was home I wished a number of times she'd be a bit quieter, now she's gone I can't believe I minded the noise. I'll keep my fingers crossed for her on the RT program.

Mary Ellen said...

Girl road trips rock!!! I still have terrific memories of being with my friends, free and on the open road!

Will be praying for her to find the means to follow her dream!

Lisa said...

Ok here I go again. They won't give her a loan???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? And our newly elected President wants everyone to go to college, yet your daughter and MY daughter can not get loans. I can't pay it, YOU can't pay it. So the middle income hard working people get SCREWED AGAIN!!!!! I sometimes really hate it that I worked hard all my life (three jobs at the end!) just to have a nice style of living. should just sponge off society, and get my kids' education for free.

But you bet I am darn proud of your daughter and mine. Good for them!