Thursday, May 28, 2009


Warning...may include some nasty swear words, not for the feint of heart, I'm not going to apologize for any of this. So, if you don't want to read major rants and raves, STOP READING NOW.

And I am not afraid to admit it. Damn the effing powers that be. DAMN THEM all to hell. No. Really.
My eyes changed color today. It doesn't happen often, and although it may be intriguing, it's NOT a pretty sight.
I know, I know, you are wondering if I have gone off the deep end. You are wondering what in Heaven's name I am talking about aren't ya?

Well, I'll tell ya....

First off. The eye color change. It is temporary. I didn't know this happened until about five years ago, when someone told me it happened. This person had the guts to stand in front of me one time when I was raging...RAGING mad. The look on her face was precious and I almost lost my rage, but I didn't. Then she told me..."Your eyes changed color when you got mad!" I wasn't mad at her, she was listening to me when I was talking about an incident. So, then I knew. People could tell when I was absolutely died in the wool, ragingly pissed off at them. GOOD I say. Let them know I am serious. I hope that when it happens they piss themselves, cause when I am that mad, I want something to snortle about afterwards.

Next bosses told us all last year that the insurance premiums were going up. Okay fine, shit happens, a problem, but something we all just have to live with. Then they say (because they love us all so much) [YEAH; RIGHT] BUT, we are going to do this...we are going to change your coverage so that the premiums stay the same, but you will have to pay a $50 co pay when you go to the doctor. You bring the receipt back to us and we will cut you a check for $35 to off set what you paid at the doctor. This way we will save money and there will be no more out of your pocket than you have already been paying. Everybody leaves the meeting happy. (Okay, smile now)

So. I went to the doctor yesterday. I paid my $50. (Which, by the way I had to BORROW) I take the receipt back to the boss. Well, the accountant. She told me I would have to wait til the boss comes back to sign the check. No problem. Until the boss comes in. He says, "No I am not writing a check. She will have to wait for her next paycheck." The accountant came downstairs and relayed the message. I had to wait several minutes before I could go ask the boss what he was doing. (Cause swearing would have happened)

He gave me that same song and dance that all bosses are so good about. "You misunderstood what we said at the meeting, we could change your coverage so that your premiums are higher but you only pay the $15 co-payment. I could let go of several or all of our employees so that I save money by hiring stool pigeons to do your work, I just bought a fourth store and we are going under and I am floundering here, why don't you feel bad for me? I just got back from Hawaii and God it was hot and I was so miserable. We can do what you want, but things are going to change after that." Oh beside the fact that they want to put my $35 in my paycheck and TAX it shit, I would get about $31 and change. It was some mumbo jumbo about medical premium advance something-er-other.

My response was, I didn't buy all those stores, I didn't go to Hawaii, I was here working my ass off in the store, doing what I do best...selling stuff. I did not misunderstand a thing. I don't do financial stuff, I don't understand that, what I do understand is that I was told one thing and now I am being told another.

I got my money, in cash, just after I clocked out for the day. Now I have to find the letter that they gave us at the time they told us about the changes. And then I go to the labor board. I am thinking this is highway robbery.

I'm feeling passively threatened about my job. The way he said, we could just "let" people go and hire yeah, I said it...stool pigeons. Go ahead asshat! Make my day. I could use the next 6 months off with pay to develope my business at home. I'm not backing down, I will stay and make them do what they said they'd do, I will fight. I'm to old to let their idle threats bother me.

BUT I am still PISSED!


stitcherw said...

What a load of sh**, I'd be ticked too. And you're absolutley right that you'd be taxed twice on the funds, what is he thinking. Hope they get their act together and thinks work out better.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, I would be FURIOUS too. Seriously. I have a feeling your job is in jepordy. Be careful. So if he lets you go you will get six months of unemployment? Beth got fired and they can do that because we are an "at will" state. They can fire you at will and give no reason and you can not get unemployment!!! Sucks, wrong, not fair, and I HATE them for doing that to her. Yes there is more, but trust me, I don't take up for her on a whim, but this time....she WAS in the right. Darn all them for treating you all that way. I was protected by civil service and union. Did not have to worry about that at least. I am soooo sorry you are going through this. Stand up for what is right and hooray for you!!!!

Mary Ellen said...

Good for you for standing up to them and holding them accountable for what they promised you. This world could use a little accountability.

Caution Flag said...

I am so sorry, Claudia. So very sorry that your boss doesn't value you. So very sorry that they are probably looking for a way to let you go. So sorry that your eyes had to change color. And sorry that your girl is gone on vacation. Hope tomorrow brings good news.

Debbie said...

Ok. I'm late, but now I'm pissed. It blows me away that the employers all have the upper hand now. They can just treat you like shit, pay nothing and not care because there are 5 or 100 people waiting to take your job. It doesn't occur to them the training involved. They don't care. Oh, Claudia, I'm surprised you didn't go postal. This gave me a angry tension headachey pissed feeling. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!