Thursday, July 02, 2009

Why Can't I Make A Damned Decision???

So...the 4th of July is here! YAY!
I had plans to go to "My Lake". I had to take last Sunday off. I was planning to take Saturday and Sunday off this weekend, and spend four days at the lake. After going to the doctor a few weeks back, I ended up with an appointment with the podiatrist (finally) and the only appointment available was Monday, of course. So four days at the lake was out. I decided that since I really couldn't afford three unpaid days off in the same pay period, I would work Saturday, have Sunday off go to the doctor Monday and use Tuesday as my usual deep cleaning day around the house. No lake. :(
Then my OD started trying to talk me into going some where for a day trip. She's off all next week and staying home isn't her thing. We discussed, I vetoed, we discussed more. I said no, I can't afford this. But I DO want to see my lake again, feel the heat, listen to my Dad's girlfriend's roudy family be, well, loud, laugh, relax and just sit.
Now, I'm thinking that it is only one pay period that I would be a little more broke than usual. I've had less money than that at other times, because of illnesses, I cannot pass up a 4th of July at the lake again. (Although I had to last year) And I could bring my Dad a watermelon! Just kidding, he doesn't care for watermelon.
I could conceivably go up Friday night, spend Saturday and most of Sunday, come home go to my DR appointment and do the usual on Tuesday. Or work Saturday go up after work, getting there at around dinner time...(he he) spend most of Sunday, etc., etc. I don't know. We'll see how I feel Friday after work. or today after work, cause no matter what we have to pack up the truck.
Any thoughts?


Lisa said...

GO !!!!! Take the days off, enjoy the family, enjoy the time away from work, enjoy life! Yes you might be a little more broke, but I think your time with the family is more important. If you enjoy your family and being around them, then GO!

stitcherw said...

Sounds like you're going to have a great time. Taking the time off and spending it at the lake and such sounds a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th, you'll get to go back to work nice and relaxed. I sooo think you need to go for it and take the time off from work. Sounds like things are going great for YD too, that's awesome that she'll get to work with all those horses. It's great when you can do what you love and get paid for it. Glad your truck is working well with its new starter also.