Tuesday, September 01, 2009

There's nothing today.

Nothing much to write about. I left work early Sunday cause my foot hurt and I couldn't stay there with one of the bitches that thinks she knows more than anyone, and telling ME how to do something...ME! In front of customers, without being asked for help. (the computers were giving everyone problems. I just asked the manager for a step that I needed to do to make the damned thing move forward) N.E.WAY I figured that I was hurting, and she gave me more pain, so I went upstairs when I finally gave the customer the receipt he needed to leave the store, and told the manager that I was leaving and officially asking for someone to tell the co-worker to put a sock in it before I do. Cause when I do it's isn't going to be pretty. Not at all.
Yesterday OD and I went to San Mateo. To a K Mart. She wanted some wife beater type t"s that she could tie dye. Only K Mart had them. I bought towels, a few tubs for storage, and a new bra. Yippee!
Last night I cut out the material for a purse. I got the pattern from Anna Maria she's got some really cute patterns. She designs materials, and writes books as well as loving her six children and husband. You should go and take a look at her blog. She is just the sweetest person!
Today, I sewed up that purse...it not as much a purse as it is a ginormous bag to carry everything you will ever need in a day. I will post pictures of mine when I can take a picture of it...like when it's lighter out. The bag is called a MultiTasker.
Anyway, that's all I've got. For now. Actually I managed to ramble on quite a bit, didn't I?!?

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Evansmom said...

I loved your "nothing"!

I hope your foot feels better soon.