Thursday, November 08, 2012

A Decision Day

Finally! My sisters are coming over tomorrow evening to have a meeting with a real estate guy who has been working on selling a commercial building that my dad and another family owns. I've been after him to sell it for years. His business was in there for years, and when he and his partners retired they sold the business and leased out the building. When his partners started passing, I encouraged him to discuss selling the building, which has taken on the personality of a white elephant. GAH!
It sat relatively empty for a couple of years and then they had a few people try to lease it to no avail. The economy started slipping and this white elephant took on a life of it's own. Finally this guy picked up the task and started trying to sell it. It took THREE YEARS!
Story short: Tomorrow we are meeting with this long suffering RE guy to make a decision on what to do with the capital gains so they aren't capital gains and paying most of what is left of the sales in taxes. It will also be the first time my sisters and I are together with my Dad at his house. We were all together on the 14th of October for his 90th birthday, but we were entertaining all his friends and family, there wasn't much together conversations between us.
I'm excited.
I am settling in okay in my new(old) home. I really need to get my own bed moved down here. My back is killing me! I also want to get my chickens down here. I miss having them around. I'm sure in their own little birdbrain way they are wondering where the lady with the treats went. (Yeah, right!) My middle daughter is having friends in for Thanksgiving at my old house and they have a little two or three year old who is so looking forward to seeing the chickens. Daughter's friends are using my bed to sleep on. (The luckys) I will have to wait for both bed and chickens til after the holiday.
On my two days off this week I plan on getting my Dad's TV and mine hooked up properly to the dish network or cable or what ever we can get. There is also some banking that needs to be done, so he doesn't lose some funds. (I hate those 90 day checks). Dad has a tendency to leave things for tomorrow so as not to make un-necessary trips to town. The checks are piled up and I want to get them into his account instead of sitting in the file.
I also need to see when I can get in to see my doctor to get myself caught back up on all my own health things. (Not issues, I am fairly healthy, I just want to keep it that way!) I'd also like to throw in a pedicure. I think I deserve at least that!
There are so many little details to his life that he just didn't think about or maybe even know to do.
Someday this will all come together.
I am so thankful that I can do this. It means my Dad is still here with us and he and I are having a chance to get in some quality time. That is so important to me!
Love to you all!

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Paxie said...

You are enjoying helping him and feel good about it, I can tell. You feel needed and that is a great thing for all of us. Your babies are grown and they don't seem to need us much...

You sound HAPPY hon! Busy, but happy :)


Enjoy your time with your sisters!