Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Lake and Other Fun Things

           One of the fabulous views from the deck at my Dad's cabin at Clearlake.
As you can see I was there on the 19th of this month. Not by choice, but Dad doesn't give choices when he's got his mind set. And it was set on going those three days. I believe it was the  19th, 20th and 21st. We came back home to rest for an evening and then on to Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's. She lives close to us so that was good.
Another great view on a walk with the dogs. This is headed back to the cabin.
I pretty much wasted my days going, except that I was with my Dad, and my whole purpose of living with him is to assist him no matter what. He was hell bent on going whether I went or not, so yeah, there you go.
That's my Daddy there on the left.
It was chilly there. So we spent a lot of our time chopping wood to make a fire in order to dry out wood to make a fire. Eventually, I got the fire going good and it was hotter in the cabin than it gets at 4th of July. I cooked on that stove too. Much better than wasting electricity when you've already got a heat source.

I feel as though I have put in a full 5 day week. I only had three days of work, but it was Black Friday, Whatever Saturday, and then makeup for what you didn't get done on Friday and Saturday, Sunday. Can you say POOPED?!?  I had two big orders come in while I was gone and nothing could be done with them until I straightened out my costs, etc. I had to also do some computer work because a report is due at the end of the month so I was elected to do that task. (I'm pretty quick at these reports) All I really wanted to do was straighten out my stuff, but oh well. By closing tonight, the report was done, my orders had the correct costs on them, they were checked in and I got every last thing put away. ($3000 worth of cost!)

On the agenda this two days off?
1) Get my TV hooked up permanently. Even if it means I have to climb up into the attic space...eeewww!
2) Get some planks screwed back down on the back deck, so I don't fall through the "cracks".
3) Finish cleaning out the fridge and freezer.
4) Get some cabinets cleaned out in the kitchen.
5) Clean out the small hallway closet.
6) Get my chickens their own permanent yard and house set up.
7) Anything else I come across whilst doing the other six things...
I'd better go and get rested up for my next 48 hours. Looks like I put a lot on my plate. Believe me I will be taking plenty of breaks. And if I don't get it all done? Oh well...


Paxie said... are busy! Congrats on the $3000!

The cabin looks like such a beautiful and peaceful place. I can see why your Dad loves to go.

I trust you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you best get busy doing those chores (long list) cause Christmas will be here before you know it! ♥♥♥

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sounds exhausting!!!!