Saturday, October 29, 2016

Look What I Got!

This is Euphoria by Karen Sikie. I won this from QUILTsocial. I was so surprised. I haven't won anything in a while. Which is fine, I think I win everyday when I look on all the quilty goodness blogs out there and learn from all the talented people out there in bloggyland. This was just the icing on the cake!!!

These are 1/2 yard pieces of really yummy fabrics. I can't wait to use them. I am thinking that I could make a nice wall hanging for my front room. I have one wall in there that is such a luscious color of red, but the other walls are a golden yellow and I think this will do well on the golden yellow wall, dress it up really nicely. My poor walls are bare because I can never decide where to put what. I forget I am not renting and if I put a little hole in the wall in the wrong place I won't get into's MY wall!

Then there are these great little butterflies to go with it. I'm going to have so much fun with this! Sorry about all the wrinkles. I was too excited to share with you to stop and iron it all!

I just love this fabric! You all should head on over to QUILTsocial and check it out. There is all kinds of fun stuff there, including tutorials, which is why I went there in the first place. Now it is on my favorites list...I'll be going back more and more!


Paula Louceiro said...

Beautiful fabrics. I think a wall hanging is a great choice.

Michelle said...

Those are gorgeous -- congratulations on your win!

Linda in Calif. said...

Oh yes make a wall hanging! It's so pretty and you will be so happy seeing it everyday!