Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The chest...and kitties

I'm not so good at this picture posting thing. But are the kitties I got a few weeks back, or however long ago that was. They are thriving. The top picture (I hope it stays top after I publish) is Purrcy snoozing on a discarded Toaster Strudel box. (We discard it, my little dog gets it out to play with) In this case it became a lovely little bed, just for Purrcy. The second pic is of Purrcy and Chili trying to bail on me. They are not quite ready for heights it looks like! That is my very messy and disorganized book shelf I made years ago in the back ground. The kitties are so much fun now. They wrestle around with each other when they are not sleeping. Chili has his own dog and when I can't find him, I look for the dog and they are usually curled up together. Purrcy likes to bite earlobes.

On the chest progress...I am making some. I am having to make a lot of adjustments on the lining, because even though I seem to be measuring plenty of times prior to cutting/sewing, I think I am paranoid of ruining the fabric I have, so I measure/sew too large. (Better than too small in my mind) It's getting there. I have sewn the lining for the bottom. I'm putting pockets on three sides to accommodate stuff. I have the grosgrain ribbon pinned to the top part of the lining and that is where I stopped working on it last time. I have my sewing machine in my bedroom, the worktable is in the front room, so there's a lot of traveling going on, making it a little more slow going. I may have it completed by the end of my next weekend! (hope, hope)

I had been having some pain, well, okay, a lot of pain in my heel. I am on my feet all day at work and it's cement floors. I finally went to the doctor and she decided that after all that I had done to fix this myself (anti-inflammatory, icing, stretching, etc., etc.) it was time for a cortisone shot. I said okay, because I have had them before and they are a great relief. She sure gave me a shot...OUCH! But today, I was almost completely pain free. There was a little pressure first thing this morning and this afternoon, my heel was back to almost the regular pain, but not quite. I was so happy though! This is the best my foot has felt in MONTHS! I can't wait for the shot to fully kick in.


Carol said...

Aw, they look wonderful!! Purrcy on the Toaster Strudel box is just too funny! Cats do the silliest things!!

stitcherw said...

Kittens are adorable, bet they'll love the climbing post as soon as they get used to it. Glad your heel is feeling better, hopefully is stays that way.

tkdchick said...

Sounds like you have Plantar Fascitits... mine's gotten really bad and my last cortisone shot (the most painful shot I've ever had) didn't really work too well.

Taneya said...

cute kitties!

Micky said...

You'll finish in no time I'm sure.
Thanks for the comment.
And the new project is a stole. But that's kinda the same thing, isn't it?

Rosanna said...

simply funny and beautiful your kittens, they are like mine!
bye and thanks visiting my blog!