Friday, June 22, 2007


I have been stitching again. I picked up the 18th Century Mystery Sampler again. It is very slow going, made even slower by my recent lack of interest in any kind of stitching. But I think my stitching absence may be over.
The kittens are growing...and eating me out of house and home. But they do pay their way, they keep me in giggles. That counts for something.
I found a light in my department catalog at work. It's a magnifying lamp. So I ordered it. It's only $19.50, so I may be surprised at how it is not at all what I need, but I had to try. My whole order came in today. Tomorrow I MAY get to get it out and see what it is really like. (some things look so much better in the catalogs) I say I MAY get to get it out, cause tomorrow we kick off the start of our "greener" neighborhood store. We are starting a program to collect old PC's, printers, etc. to be taken to the proper recycling place. We could be exceptionally swamped with customers dropping off their recycling and then shopping. I am a little ticked at my salesman. He left for vacation and didn't tell me he was going. I had an order for him and he didn't show up for 4 or 5 days after when he usually comes in. That really left my department lacking...stuff. Now, we have these big goings on tomorrow, the order couldn't be put up in time and people won't get what they want from me. I'd love to punish him by not ordering as much stuff, but that would only hurt me in the long run. Maybe I will order more stuff and mess up the numbers a little so he will have to work a little harder at getting the order in. (I wouldn't really do that...I know it would just come back to bite me in the butt later!! LOL)
Anyway, that is it for now. Just wanted to stop by and check in. I hope you all have a great weekend. I'm am off to stitch a little before I go to bed.


Vonna said...

Ohh...good luck with the magnifying lamp...I hope it's all you hoped for!

Chelle said...

I hope your magnifying lamp turns out to be just what you need. I have a cheap one (not a name brand) and I love it. The key is the functionality and the magnifying lens - usually the bulb can be easily changed to a Daylight/True Color type.