Sunday, September 28, 2008

I was so mislead!

I can hang with it!
We went to the concert last night. YAY!
I have been to this concert arena before, but the last time was YEARS ago, and I got to go by default. I worked at the hardware store close to my house, (1 whole mile away) and I had an old friend working for me. I hired her as cashier. She eventually began dating one of the other managers. He knew she liked country music and bought tickets to go see a Toby Keith concert...well in advance of the concert. Lo and behold, they got into a fight and broke up. He, still holding the tickets. Mind you, the tickets cost him a fortune! So, not having a date, not knowing what to do with the tickets, knowing that I like country music too, asked if I wanted to go with him! Do I hear a hell yeh? The seats were down where if I really wanted I could have hopped up on stage with Toby and sing with him...that close. I loved it, every minute of it!
Spring forward to last girlfriend and I are single moms of grown children. Her daughter graduated from medical trade school last year and is now working for the county and doing well, living on her own with her fiance. But there are still apron stings to be untied, so the money still bleeds from my G/F. You all kind of know my situation...OD in college, MD vying for the laziest girl in the county, and a out of the picture for now YD. I bleed money from every pore. So the tickets? Um well, what we can afford for a once in a great while little vacation.
Can you picture me and G/F at the completely other end of the spectrum from my last concert attendance? Nose bleed area of the grassy seats. Yes, we sat on "The Green" for three hours. I am stiff, and sore. The hips are screaming, "What the "f" were you thinking?" We did have to stand for the last hour, cause everyone else did. I guess that is what you do at some of these things. If we hadn't stood, we wouldn't have been able to see the last act (???).
The mislead part...My G/F said Cheap Trick, Heart, Tom Petty. We saw Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey. Oh yeh...good venue. Cheap am not that into them, but Heart? Ann can belt out those songs today as well as she belted them out in the day. Journey was great. They have a new (I am not sure of how new though) lead singer. They found him on Youtube. He was singing Journey songs and sounded like the old lead singer and they signed him...he is fantastic! It took me a little while to get past the "he really doesn't look like a Journey musician, and to the "hey! this guy can sing and dance and entertain like a Journey musician!" He's from the Phillipines. There were a lot of proud Phillipinos there last. Can't say I blame them.
Us old ladies got home around 1:15 AM. I hope I don't get into trouble with the kids, I was out well past my bedtime!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I've read a lot of good reviews about the new singer for Journey. Glad you thought he was as good as they say. But I agree, it's tough to see him as the "lead" singer!


Debbie said...

I never get to go to concerts and would love to see Toby Keith! I've never heard of half the singers out there now because I don't listen to a lot of music except country or oldies.

I'm glad you could WALK the next day after your adventure in the Grass :)