Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm all about the drama.

Just a few things...little notes.
Because I am all about the drama I wait until the last possible minute to do N.E.THING! I just want any one who hasn't already, go over to Hallie's blog at Wonderful World of Weiners and donate to her fund raiser for Organ Donation. You can read all about the story behind the fund raiser there. (Take tissues with you, it is a very heart warming and tugging at the heart story.) Also, be prepared to get addicted to her blog, she is all about the funny, informative and just plain fun reads!

The next foot. I have been asked by a few as to how I am doing, what the doc said about my foot and what I am doing.
I'm doing as well as can be expected. Some days are good, others not so much. BUT...the foot does feel a bit better than it has in the past few months. The doctor told me that what I have is a tight achilles MUSCLE. The tendon is fine, but the muscle that is over the tendon is pulled so tight that it is making my foot curl under itself so to speak. If you look at your right foot, while you are sitting with your foot flat on the floor, picture the muscle from the back of your calf going down and under the heel then towards the arch of your foot. Now picture that muscle pulling up and you get a foot that is turning under towards the inside. (Confused enough?) Since our feet want to be flat on the floor, and not turning under it makes for pain when you are standing on them all day. Which is what I do.
She gave me excercises to do and I take a anti-inflammatory medication once a day. Then I am supposed to get a pair of really, really good shoes and an ankle brace. Right now, since I have missed work (without pay) I can't afford the shoes and ankle brace. But I can afford the excercises. The meds are covered, so I am taking those. Plus I can never, never go barefoot again or wear any of those cute little flip flops I like to wear occasionally or my slippers. But I cheat on those every night, I just don't walk around in them like I used to. Oh yea, and I can't walk for excercise. I need to swim. Which means I need to get a, yea...

The x-rays of my foot showed a hammer toe, bunnion, (I don't know if those are the same or not) mild athritis and degeneration of some of the bone in my big toe. Apparently those don't hurt me. Go figure!
I am trying to get back on Weight Watchers, because I know if I get some (or all) of my excess weight off, that will help immensely. The thing with that is, I am so damned stuck in my ways and I can't get it through my thick skull, that I would feel better, and it should be an easy thing to do. I mean hell, in my twenties I would get a burr up my ass about my weight and fast for a week and not blink an eye!
Anyway, that's about it. Thank you for commenting and asking. It is nice to know that we have built up a community of friendship across the blogophere. See you on the internets!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Wish your foot felt totally better. Seems like that can't be fun.

Thanks for the fundraiser mention. I am so happy I met my goal and now want to see how far PAST it I can go!!

Can't wait to see what you sent!

Hallie :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm glad there's a solution to your foot problem! It just takes time!!!

Get back on track with that WW and the weight loss will help you so much.

I'm sure that's part of the reason why I'm pain free these days!

Evansmom said...

Good luck doing the exercises. I hope the exercises work quickly!

Debbie said...

Telling someone to exercise when obviously they don't like to exercise is the pits. My Doc says the same thing. I KNOW I should but doing it is the hard part. I long for the days when the weight just fell off and I couldn't stop running around. After breaking my toes, I have total compassion for anyone with foot problems. It's such an important friggin part of your daily life!!