Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Plumbing 102...or...202, I don't know!

In our last class session we learned how to not turn off water at the source. We also learned how to get a man to drive probably ten minutes from where he was working to turn a knob we could have turned ourselves had we not been told that breaking said knob would make us responsible. (Who the heck WANTS to be responsible???)
In Plumbing 102 or 202 we will learn some new vocabulary words. Most of these words should not be used in public. Hell, I even made my own face turn red a coupla times, when I said these words!
I think I left off at letting the bolts that hold the toilet down didn't work. I said a few of those words. Got out my trusty little Dremel tool. (Ladies, this is a tool you all need to have in your household. It will do everything but wash the dishes!) I cut off the damned bolts. My MD and I set the tank on a towel on the toilet bowl and proceeded to be amazed at how much crud accumulates where you can't reach. We sprayed that bugger all over with bleach and water. Then we sprayed it again for good measure.
I looked to see what it would take to get the actual drain thingy out of the hole in the tank to put the new one in. I looked high and low for just the right tool and found I was fresh out of dynomite. (dynamite? well, okay, TNT) Picked up the trusty Dremel. I cut that thing off..with a vengeance, and a few little cut off blades. They break easily.
Got that out, MD proceeded to scrub the crud off. Made it sparkle, like a new toilet. Okay, a fairly new toilet.
The we had to reverse all our previous actions. This was the easy part. Clean tank, new parts,everything was where it was supposed to be at the time it was supposed to be there. It went together like a two year olds' five piece puzzle. NICE!
Turned the water back on, no leaks. Adjusted the little chain thingy, tightened the handle just a little.
Flushed it...

It acted just like a toilet would act. Water went down the bowl, tank filled up handle positioned itself, BY. ITSELF. No freakin' noise!!! YES!
I'm starting my own business. Claudia's No Cracks Plumbing. Think about it! (snicker, snicker)
Bad words were omitted, cause even though I say them IRL, I find it hard to type them unless I am rully rully pissed.
BTW.. I slept ALL night, no toilet serenade to keep my eyes open!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

CONGRATS!!! You are woman, hear you roar!!


Mary Ellen said...

You ROCK, sister! I am so impressed.

Debbie said...

ROFLMAO...."No Cracks" made me heehaw! You definitely can do anything you set your mind to sister!! Way to go, girl :)

stitcherw said...

Fantastic, congratulations on getting it all up and running so smoothly. You are so competent with this stuff, and I love your idea of Claudia's No Cracks Plumbing, very cute. Never heard of a dremel, but it does sound quite the useful tool to have. Hmmm maybe I need to visit the hardware store and go browsing. :)

Evansmom said...

Yeah! That is great!

Evansmom said...

Yeah! That is great!