Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Night, 9 O'Clock

Can't see much in the top right picture, because I took it as an after thought after YD came and did her thing. You can kind of see that there isn't as much weedy stuff going on.
YD just left with her "new" boyfriend. They came by after she got off work and pitched in a, a lot on the backyard project. She got out her machete and whacked away on the thistles and rose stems along the fence. I hadn't even thought about getting to that side yet. Now all I have to do over there is rake and pull the smaller stuff.
I got quite a bit done today. All along the wall of the house is basically cleaned up. There's just a few more little weeds under a Camelia bush that is huge in gerth. It's a little hard for me to get under there, but tomorrow I will tackle that first thing, before I start feeling sore. I managed to fill up two garbage cans and one big constuction trash bag. (Donated by the boyfriend) Then there is a half of a smaller yard garbage sized bag, that wasn't tough enough at all.
I got my two surviving tomato bushes caged up with some welded fencing that I had gotten from work. I have to staple that down so the plants don't grow and knock them over. Hopefully I will get a tomato that I can actually eat from the plants now. Up 'til now, the tomatoes have just been homegrown balls for the little dog to play with, or at least that is what she thought!


Sincerely, Emily said...

Hi - saw your post over on Rhonda's blog. Love your enthusiasm and it will be neat to watch your gardens take shape. (also like your music too!). Emily

claudia said...

Emily, Thank you for the comment. I wanted to come over to your blog and "visit", but I couldn't find a link! Please send a link so I can come and visit you!

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