Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Yada, yada, yada

I'm just checking in.
I have tried to write two posts but they didn't set well with me when I got part of the way through them.
So they got deleted.
The two girls of mine who still live here are both out tonight.
It's quiet in the house. But not in the hood. Someone just set off a M-80...or bigger. I don't know, it was just loud. And now my big dog is pacing and slobbering.
Why do they feel the need to do that? I think they need attention.
My YD is getting ansy. Her goal in life is to have her own training center. She and I had planned to get some property and start one. But the economy got in the way and she had a little set back last year. That set us back three years. She and a friend were talking the other day. (that can get dangerous) YD called me and asked me to ask a friend of mine what he is doing with his property. She wants to lease it and start her training center. My friend is a very private person...I think he will not go for that, but I told her I would ask, so I will. (Me thinks he will say no thank you)
Work sucks.
While I was off Sunday one of the girls started one of those post office games...or is it telephone? Anyway, she said something to someone else (about a co-worker)and it went around the store. (Like I don't get enough drama at home, I have to work around it too) By the time it got through everyone who was there, it did some major damage. And caused some major drama that got quite loud. I'm so pleased I missed the whole damned thing. Of course, I had to hear it from two different people today when I got back. Yay! I am so happy they think they need to keep me up to date. The idiot who started the whole thing knew full well, that when I got wind of it I would take her out to the back and tell her to keep her trap shut. I didn't; but only because when she came to work she got into her little corner of the world and avoided me all day long. Yes! Silence is golden! I'm not a boss or a manager or anything. The manager doesn't like to get into stuff like this (until it affects the workings of the store or the customers) So to avoid letting it get to that point and since I could care less if some of them at work like me or not, I tell the young ones when enough is enough. In so many words, with an attitude. I just don't like working with pissy little girls. (some of the guys are pretty bad at times too) Tomorrow, a friend of mine will be back at work after her weekend and since she was involved in all this, and she is OLDER...I am going to have a talk with her. What she does and says there can directly affect me, because I recommended her for the job. Tomorrow, I tell her to just do her job and leave the crap at the door. Better yet, leave it at home, in the closet, in a little box in the back that has a lock on it...lose the key. She is just too old to be joining in on these shenanigans.
Do I sound like a bitch? Yeah, probably. I don't like work that much anyway, I certainly don't like going in to stuff like this.
Okay, I have stepped off my soap box.
DAMN! Speaking of soap. I want to make my own. I have been gathering the ingredients. I went to Safeway tonight on my way home and forgot to check if they have the last ingredient I need. Ah well...tomorrow's another day.
I'm going to go read a while before I go to sleep. I finished my friend's book. He said the next one is coming out in a few months. I can't wait. I forget what he said it is titled. The one I just finished is called "Bootlegger's Cove" It is a true to life work of fiction. It was good. I liked it because I used to fish commercially about the same time he was fishing and the book is partially about that. I could relate to some of it.
Now I am reading "House Rules". I'll be done with it in about a week. Another book I can't set down.
Okay, I have rambled on enough. See you all later! Have a good one!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love books that you can't put down!!


Caution Flag said...

Sounds like you're doing well. Hope that training center takes off big time and your YD's dreams become reality. I'm searching now for a place for my girl to learn to ride.

stitcherw said...

Sorry you've had to deal with the mess at work. Like you, I want to go in, do my work, and get out. I don't understand why others want to bring the drama in to add to it. Glad you found a couple books that are really keeping your interest, I love losing myself in a good book.