Thursday, October 01, 2009

I Fupped Duck...just a little

I was bad last week. I gained .2 pounds. I know it isn't much to gain, but you know it's those little gains week after week that catch up to ya eventually. .2 pounds per week = 10.4 pounds a year = that's over 50 pounds in five years. And that folks is how I got into the shape I am in. It really didn't sound like a lot in that first sentence...did it? I am (was) almost 100 pounds overweight. That was ten years of telling myself, "Oh, it's just a little weight, no biggy!"

An Epiphany!!!

I'm not getting on myself over this. I understand why I gained and that is a good thing. I just have to remember why and I will strive not to do it again. My reason for that smalllittleittybitty weight gain? I just wasn't into the program. Oh I ate the good foods, the ones that are recommended. Even the really good for you stuff. I just wanted more of everything, instead of being satisfied with healthy portions and drinking water or tea to fill me up the rest of the way. Then one night I just couldn't take it any more and went to Taco Bell. Oops! That would have been just fine except that I didn't account for it in my weekly points gathering. I. did. not. track. my. food. BUT. I went to my meeting even though I knew it wouldn't be great news.
We all get Tracker Booklets when we weigh in. Or we can buy a Three Month Tracker Book. Our leader bought one for the whole group. She calls it the Magic Tracker. It gets passed around week to week, member to member (totally voluntarily). It's a good thing to take for a week, because I can see how other members are eating and tracking and then at the meeting I can see how they have done. I took the book this week, because I know it will help me be more into my program and do better for myself. And it will make me practice tracking. It's like turning in homework. Someone else is going to see how I did!
So stay tuned. I am more determined now to keep at this until that ten years of smalllittleittybitties go away!


Caution Flag said...

Keith and I were talking yesterday about the weight lies we've told ourselves over the years. They're nasty. You will relose that weight. I'm sure of it.

Vonna said...

Keep you have access to the etools? I love tracking in there because I just type in what I ate and it pops up on the screen. I lost 3.2 lbs last week...this week I've upped all my exercise and I'm staying "in points" and not going to use my flex points or exchange my activity points...we'll see...according to my scale, I've not lost much....
But anyway, this isn't about keep going you - I KNOW YOU CAN !!!!

Janaina said...

I so totally know what you mean... =/
Have been adding pound after pound in a 11 years marriage.
Keep going, girl! Just keep going! Good luck!=)
Greetings from sunny Brazil!

Debbie said...

Nasty little bugger that fat is! It just kind of slides right in unnoticed until you can't zip your pants. Well not that I have that many with zippers LOL

Happened to me over the last 5 or 6 years. Sure doesn't go away fast!

I'm glad you're back on "track" lol. It's great to have the support team. I'll be a cheerleader from the East go girl!!