Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Magic Tracker

At WeightWatchers there is a Tracker, so that we can keep track of the foods we eat. I talked about the tracker last week when I brought the "Magic Tracker" home with me. It is Magic! I kept track all week, of course I wasn't perfect, but I still lost! 3.2 pounds to be exact!
I also figured out a simpler way to get the foods that I eat listed without a great deal of hassle.
What I did was to keep the tracker with me as I prepared my breakfast and lunch and then just make a list somewhat like a grocery list. I write the points values down as I know them and if I don't know them, when I sit down to drink my coffee or eat my breakfast I look all the unknowns up and put them next to the foods. It worked for me.
This week I brought home a new cookbook and a new snack to try.
Let's see what this week does to all my flubber! I will be able to excersize in earnest probably next week. The feets are loving this!


Vonna said...

We lost the same amount this week ;)

Caution Flag said...

Good girl!!!! Can't wait to hear how the new recipes are.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

AWESOME. You're doing such a good job.:)