Friday, October 30, 2009

My "Before" Picture

I don't think I have ever posted a picture of me. I decided I had better do one of my before pictures, so that I could look back and see the change in myself after I lose all my weight! So here goes.....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Promise To Myself

I promised myself that when I got to 20 pounds off of me, I would buy myself some new clothes that fit. Right now, I am making due with my old stuff which is falling off my arse. Kind of fun, Ya know? Seriously, it is becoming a pain to walk, reach up, bend over, or move in any way, because I have to hike up my britches at almost every move.
I'm not going to buy a belt or 'spenders cause well, that is not all that fashionable. At least the 'spenders aren't, and I am not much of a belt person.
So maybe, next week or the week after it is new britches for me! YAY!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Headway

What does that mean anyway? I mean, I know what it means, it just doesn't make sense. I think it may have to do with ships or sailing or something, but once I typed it in, I wondered. Never wondered about that before.
I finally got some of my shelves up! I love it! I don't love what happened to the left side of me afterward, but I do love the shelves. I got two up yesterday and two up this morning. I would have gotten them all up yesterday, but I needed my Dremel and seemed to have put it away, which means I couldn't find it. I did eventually. Then since I have a garage full of screws, nuts, bolts, and other various hardware pieces, it took me a while to find appropriate screws for the job.
Once I figured out the "formula" for where to place the shelf brackets, it was just a matter of making holes and filling them with screws. Yesterday was about a five hour affair, this morning it took me a half an hour! And a shorter amount of time to fill them buggers up!

I still have my little two foot shelves to put up on the corner of the longer shelves, but I think I will leave that til next weekend or whenever I get around to them. They go to the right of the long shelves at the same level. Then I will probably move everything around as I find more convenient spots for it all.
As for the left side of me. All the scooching around on the hardwood floor did my hip in. No sleep for me last night and I am hobbling a lot today. It'll work itself out eventually.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

That's right...I rock!

Another 1.6 pounds gone! That's over a two week period though. (I only rock a little)
That is all!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Can you do me a favor?
There's a blogger, Suzanne McMinn, from Chickens in the Road, who needs our votes to get a paying gig, writing. All you have to do is go here and hit her link to vote. We can go once a day per IP address. She does deserve this.
While you are over at her blog, if you don't already know her, browse around, she is fun and talented, and makes some yummy good food!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ramblin' (or you could call it Friday Fragments I guess)

I got a call at work from MD today. OD: "I'm signing up for food stamps. How much should I put down that I pay for rent?" Me: Nothing, cause that's what you pay!" OD: "I have to do something, I can't make it on $800 a month." Me: "Yeah, I know what you mean, the price of makeup and hair products has gone up. How will you ever survive?" I'm flabbergasted...she wants food stamps? I am speechless, sort of, cause I am never really speechless. I'm just saying that, because I don't want to say what's really going through my mind.

Work sucks gigantic donkey balls. The owners are changing everything. EVERYTHING! Fine, it's their store, they can do that. But they really need to communicate this with the employees. They can't just walk in and say..."We've changed that. We did that last week, why haven't you gotten it done yet?" What I say to my head...Bite me. They gave a new kid a $3 an hour raise and the hours he asked for, because they moved him to receiving. The guy who was in receiving quit when he found out, because he had asked for those hours and didn't ask for a raise. They told him he couldn't just ask for specific hours. Why did the new guy get what he asked for then???

I came home to a rumor from my OD. About MD. Turns out MD was sitting here in my front room with two of her clowns from her "Parade of Clowns" watching TV. (middle of the day) Each of them was sucking on a 40 ouncer. We don't drink here. I don't care if people drink, we just don't drink here. Then MD and her (I hope not) boyfriend get up and go out to her room...her g/f was still sitting here messing with something. OD looks over and the little bitch is rolling a joint in MY FRONT ROOM! Spilled some of her precious whacky tabacky on my coffee table and floor. Then got up and left the mess and went out to MD's room. When MD came back in (sans friends), OD confronted her with the fact that we have dogs (that I LOVE) who could conceivably get the spillage and get sick. MD was "surprised" that her friend had done that. I think I am being tested. Guess who does not pass the test? Not me!!! I am pissed. I am calling the police department to find out what I can do to have her removed from my home. She has no respect for me, her sisters or the animals here. Her world is going to change. I don't think she will like it.
I didn't go to WW last Wednesday. I was exhausted when I got home from work. I just wanted to vege out. Everyday I have come home this week I am tired. It must be all the crap going on at work. (and home) I am still sticking with my WW eating guidelines. I will not take a step backwards here. I have come too far forward for that.
I love most of my customers. I tease them. The thing about most of them though, they tease back. I love that! I can dish it out and take it! They are the bright light in my life some days. I will hang on to that thought.
I need to find another job though. I see the ship I am on sinking slowly.
My dogs are the best thing I have going. I get kisses and happy jumping when I come home from work and they follow me into my room, so they can see how my day went. The only thing is that Max likes to hunt dust bunnies in the hallway at three in the morning. I'm going to have to take his hunting licence away!

Simple | Green | Frugal | Co-op
There is a great idea on the above mentioned and linked blog. She is doing a project called "The Fifty Things Project". Getting rid of stuff. Sounds do-able to me. I think I will try it on my next few weekends. Heaven knows I can use a good de-cluttering around here.

Friday, October 09, 2009


Happy Friday to all of y'all! I hope you get a good weekend. Mine will be spent at work as usual. But when you all are going back to work Monday morning, I will be pretending to sleep in. (Mainly pretending, because I don't do sleep in well, I am up at the crack of dawn 7 days a week)
About the new snack food I spoke of in the last post...don't get Chocolate Caramel 1 point bars from WeightWatchers. They aren't all that good. And the caramel lasts way too long for as lousy as it tastes. I haven't tried my new cookbook of recipes out yet. No time, and I have to wait until I get paid again, so I can some of the ingredients.
So my feets haven't been bothering me much at all. I was thinking on my way home tonight that I really don't mind going to work anymore, because I am not in pain all day. It is amazing what a difference it makes. Even some of the ding bats I work with aren't bothering me anymore! I've decided that pain is a real buzz kill!
This weekend I will get to start in on some exercise. That will help get more of this flubber off of me. I know soon I will have to start battening down my hatches if I am to continue losing. I will have to measure on the food scale and edit every bite I take. I will have to get used to using sugar substitutes as well. That I will not like, as my tea just won't be the same. If I want to keep getting more and more healthy I will just have to do it.
I hope all of you out there who are following the WW plan are having a good week with it. My thoughts are always with you all as I travel this path. I know I am in good company!
Take care!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Magic Tracker

At WeightWatchers there is a Tracker, so that we can keep track of the foods we eat. I talked about the tracker last week when I brought the "Magic Tracker" home with me. It is Magic! I kept track all week, of course I wasn't perfect, but I still lost! 3.2 pounds to be exact!
I also figured out a simpler way to get the foods that I eat listed without a great deal of hassle.
What I did was to keep the tracker with me as I prepared my breakfast and lunch and then just make a list somewhat like a grocery list. I write the points values down as I know them and if I don't know them, when I sit down to drink my coffee or eat my breakfast I look all the unknowns up and put them next to the foods. It worked for me.
This week I brought home a new cookbook and a new snack to try.
Let's see what this week does to all my flubber! I will be able to excersize in earnest probably next week. The feets are loving this!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I Fupped Duck...just a little

I was bad last week. I gained .2 pounds. I know it isn't much to gain, but you know it's those little gains week after week that catch up to ya eventually. .2 pounds per week = 10.4 pounds a year = that's over 50 pounds in five years. And that folks is how I got into the shape I am in. It really didn't sound like a lot in that first sentence...did it? I am (was) almost 100 pounds overweight. That was ten years of telling myself, "Oh, it's just a little weight, no biggy!"

An Epiphany!!!

I'm not getting on myself over this. I understand why I gained and that is a good thing. I just have to remember why and I will strive not to do it again. My reason for that smalllittleittybitty weight gain? I just wasn't into the program. Oh I ate the good foods, the ones that are recommended. Even the really good for you stuff. I just wanted more of everything, instead of being satisfied with healthy portions and drinking water or tea to fill me up the rest of the way. Then one night I just couldn't take it any more and went to Taco Bell. Oops! That would have been just fine except that I didn't account for it in my weekly points gathering. I. did. not. track. my. food. BUT. I went to my meeting even though I knew it wouldn't be great news.
We all get Tracker Booklets when we weigh in. Or we can buy a Three Month Tracker Book. Our leader bought one for the whole group. She calls it the Magic Tracker. It gets passed around week to week, member to member (totally voluntarily). It's a good thing to take for a week, because I can see how other members are eating and tracking and then at the meeting I can see how they have done. I took the book this week, because I know it will help me be more into my program and do better for myself. And it will make me practice tracking. It's like turning in homework. Someone else is going to see how I did!
So stay tuned. I am more determined now to keep at this until that ten years of smalllittleittybitties go away!