Sunday, March 15, 2009

My First!

Sue over at Stitching and Life in the Company of Pets gave me my first award. Like I told her I will wear it with pride! Sue has a wonderful blog where she shows us her beautiful stitching and stories of her pets and daughter who is an adventeress. Pop over and say hi!
I would like to pass this award on to five others who I feel have been great commenters!


Mary Ellen




Do y'all know how hard it is to pick just five? I love you all and I think you are all great commenters. You have given me a good look at all sides of the coins out there in life. And you all make it fun to blog.

Thank you Sue!


kim-d said...

Oh yeah, I wonder what side I've shown you...probably either the dorky side, or the smarmy side! Maybe a little of both...a smarmy dork! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

I accept this award with pride, and I thank you very much. When I get home from work, I shall do a post showcasing this honor. Thank you, thank you very much!

Lotsa-Love-n-Hugs {{{BIG HUGS 4 CLAUDIA}}}

Debbie said...

Oh, you are a sweetie and congrats on YOUR award! I love your comments too, hon :)

Thank you so so much! I needed this after my day to day. Work ok, but sinuses? Gosh!! I will also do a blog post honoring this wonderful award :) I've never seen it before and I love it!!

Mary Ellen said...

Wow! What a nice thing to give AND to receive! I love great comments, myself. I've mentioned on my blog several times that I think most of my commenters are MUCH smarter, wittier and funnier than I am!

Congratulations, and thanks! I will definitely blog about it later this week. You totally made my day.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Accepted with a giant ass grin on my face!!!


Hallie :)

Lisa said...

Oh thank you. That is very kind of you and thank you for always coming over and visiting with me. I have been a little neglectful here lately it seems. Sorry about that. But is has been much fun meeting and getting to know you!