Monday, March 30, 2009

Off to a wonderful start

Today was a special day. It still is, I am only half way through.
I got to start it out by going and getting the girls squished for their glamour shots. I have to hand it to Kaiser Permanente at this point. As much as they piss me off with other stuff, like refusing to do a colonoscopy (it costs too much! yea, right!), they make up for it somewhat by doing a quick and painless mammygram. I had this done at another place and I walked out almost in tears, being pushed, pulled, poked and prodded, Not to mention sqished to about a quarter of an inch. The Kaiser people are gentle and non painful. Plus, they are quick! They said plan for an hour, I was there under 25 minutes! Didn't even have time to read my waiting room book.
So the rest of the day will be working on water related appliances etc. The toilet innards broke yesterday before I left for work, so we have been camping out with that. You know...pouring a bucket of water in to flush. I turned the water off to it, because the tank wouldn't fill. Then I need to tighten up connections in the shower. We keep getting sprayed with cold water while in the shower cause something on the cold water side needs afixin'. Then I have to address the washing machine. It spews water out the bottom everytime we do laundry. That sounds looks like a crack in the tub or the bottom bearing is giving out. My new washer is going to a machine repair guy for parts after I find ANOTHER washer. I have the worst luck with these things!
Hope your day is great!
Oh! After I figure it out I will post some pictures my daughter took with my dad's old camera. She took some fantastic photos and cropped them so they were perfect. I am in awe of what she has accomplished!


Stacie said...

yay for the boobie squish!

Mary Ellen said...

I've never had a painless mammogram, so good for you. I love finding out things aren't as bad as you might anticipate!

I have the worst luck with appliances, too. My dishwasher died on Christmas Eve, and now my oven kicked the never ends. Good luck with the plumbing.

Lisa said...

Well, sounds like your day has been just....dandy! But I am glad you got your boobs squeezed, that is so important.
If my hubby was near there I would have him come fix all the plumbing probs, but sorry that he isn't. I can't believe all your "luck". Hope it turns out ok.

I am not implying you need a man, I just meant I would be happy to help by sending mine over because I can't fix a darn thing!!! I hope this all came out right...good grief!

Debbie said... the glamour shots line here. It's my turn to do this too and the GYN stuff. Sorry about your washer, toilet and shower. When it rains it pours, don't I know. You always keep smiling and I'm sending you a hug!!

And fight for the colonoscopy!!