Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am feeling better 'bout that shoe.

Thanks for your support.
Now, I am beginning to believe that YD was freaking out inside and just couldn't say things the way she wanted to say them. Then they all came out wrong. Plus, she knows horses, not medical terms and she is only 21 so therefore immortal.
We went to her Dr. appt today. I was a bad mommy and drilled her most of the way over the hill. (a 45 minute drive) Not really drilled, but I asked quite a few questions. Most of which needed, say a nurse to interpret, to get laymen type answers. YD doesn't know all of what the stuff was they were doing or the name of the actually medication they injected. She told me, "Mom, I am not worried, so you shouldn't be worried." I replied, "Well, sweetie, (in my most sickening sweet voice) sometimes you don't worry when you should. It's your age, it's okay. I'm the Mom and I am going to worry, cause I love you and I would hurt if you hurt, so let's agree that you will let me support you in any way I can." She agreed. (If only to shut me up with the questions)

The result of the past couple of weeks medical visits are good. It is just a tissue. The cervix being operated on a few years ago is doing double duty to heal it self...or "over heal". The tissue built up in her fallopian tubes and caused a fluid build up in her ovaries. The shots she received last week are doing their job. What ever they were looking for in her bloodtests came back better than they had hoped. They wanted some count down by 15% and it came down 25%, so the doc is happy, which makes me happy!
She needs to go back once a week for blood tests until the whatever they are watching for is at 0%. (or 8 weeks, whichever comes first)
Thank you for being here for me to sound off to. I was near to tears last night. Now I am mostly smiles....I am pooped!
Love you guys!


kim-d said...

Oh what a relief! More later. Right now I am just relieved. Cannot even imagine how the two of you feel! Whew!

Hugs, love, prayers...

Stacie said...

continued hugs headed your way!

Niki RuralWritings said...

So happy all is working out well

Debbie said...

Talk about an up and down here in NC! I flipped out 2 minutes ago and now am coming down to normal LOL LOL LOL. I should have read this one first!!!

Thank the good Lord, this is just a female thingy and she's going to be okay. Did you smack her upside the head after you hugged her and tell her to be sure to tell you this crap in the future :) Just kidding. Did you? LOL LOL

Lisa said...

Oh I am glad you got the answers you were looking for and needed. They just don't understand why we worry, but how could they, they have not had the experiences in life to give them that right. They will some day huh!!??

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm glad to hear that things are looking up! When your dealing with serious issues like that, you have to have someone else come with you. Sometimes you're too shocked to really hear what the doctors are saying.

Coffee Bean said...

Oh my goodness Claudia!!! I am a rotten blog buddy! I had no idea you were going through this kind of stress. I'm freaking out and I know it is okay... dang! I will be praying that she continues to improve!

stitcherw said...

Behind in my reading (as always it seems). So glad to hear it turned out alright, what a scare. {{hugs}} to the two of you. Hope all the levels continue to go back to where they should be.