Sunday, November 22, 2009

I be having chickens!!!!!

It's little hard to see them in their brooding cage. (YD threw that cage together in a couple of hours. I had pallets and leftover aviary wire from work and she didn't feel like sawing the wood to make it fit properly, so it is literally thrown together. We scrounged up some nails that I had sitting around in the garage. It was a little crazy. They had to be put in a brooding pen. They were only two days old. We have the momma hen (she is a true bitch, took a hunk of skin off of YD's finger) These were "free range" chickens from the ranch where YD works. The hen laid and then hatched them out where the cats and raccoons would get the babies without question. So she brought them to me. The hen will go back to the ranch after the chicks are a little bigger. My heat lamp for them isn't enough warmth for just the chicks alone so we are using Momma to help out.
I wanted a few chickens I now have nine!
I so excited!


Lisa said...

CHICKEN???? What in the world do you want with chickens??? They bite, they scratch, they flap their wings....oh, and they are good in a frying pan!!! ha ha ha
I doubt that you are going to kill and dress a chicken....are you? Be careful round those rascals!

stitcherw said...

I'm with Lisa, Chickens? Hmmm, wanted a few and got nine, that will keep you busy. Baby chicks are so cute. Looking forward to seeing updates as they grow.