Friday, November 06, 2009

I'm ba-a-a-a-c-c-c-k

I bet you didn't even know I was gone!
My computer died Monday or Tuesday (don't know which, cause when the computer is dead, so is my brain)
I borrowed money against my next paycheck and OD and I went out and got this new one. It's faster than my last one and I think I spent less money on it! Go figure. The other one lasted five years, so I am figuring I got my money's worth!
I'm just happy to be back online!
My kids are calling me a blogaholic. The first thing I did when I hooked up the new puter was to come here and catch up with everything!
I have a few pictures to post of my days without the computer, but those will have to wait til I am all finished getting the new settings in place etc!
Good to see you all again!


stitcherw said...

Glad to see you back and to hear that you found a computer that you like and that is working well for you. It is amazing how the prices have come down and the speed and memory just seem to increase. As to blogging, yup, seeing what people are up to and staying connected is important, the blogging group is so supportive and helps keep life in perspective at times.

Lisa said...

I don't like not knowing when someone is out of commission. We have to find a way to send out an S.O.S. to all the blogger friends. Glad you are back on line safe and sound. I just am not blogging, but I do facebook every day. And I check on everyone about once a week it seems. Am I getting lazy??? I don't know...I just don't know where my time goes! Enjoy your new computer!

Caution Flag said...

Welcome back, darlin'!! I just saw an ad for a laptop: $300. That's $1700 than we paid for our very first laptop years ago. Enjoy your new speed :)

Niki RuralWritings said...

Your personal disappearing act looks like it doing very well ~ great job!