Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Judge Judy

This is my girlfriend's son and his new wife!
and then part 2
Sorry, I didn't think to put up the link to Part 2!

A Project I Actually Finished!

I know for a fact, that it is not as cold here in "sunny" California than say, in Maine right now. But it IS cold for what we are used to. (that being said, we are experiencing higher temps than usual. Go figure!) N. E. WAY...
I started a scarf with these new loom thingys that were on sale at Joann's Fabrics. I had to go to Joann's to pass some time while I was waiting for my computer to get discombobulated or something like that. Of course, I cannot walk into Joann's without walking out with something! It's just the way I am wired.
Yes, and so. I made this scarf and finished it, because, like I said before, it's cold...for me, here.
I love how it turned out, even though it is my very first attempt at anything on these looms. If anyone makes fun of it, I will challenge them to a loom fight, to see if they could do better. It only took me a few evenings of knitting on the loom, the weave is loose, but that is okay too, because the yarn is really soft and fuzzy, so the scarf is light and not trying to drag my head down.
I put the fringe on it this morning while listening to my girls argue over who used the last of the milk. I laid it on the table and trimmed the longer fringe lengths and wa-la, a nice, soft, warm scarf! Finished!

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Small Favor

Hey! Everybody! I need to ask a favor. Would you all run over to Suzanne McMinn's blog and give her a vote? She is applying for a job on SAM-e. I'm not great at explaining what SAM-e is about, but I know that Suzanne will be writing for them, and I believe she deserves that job!
But if you have a minute, would you please go over and vote for her? She has made it really easy for everyone to link over and vote. I can also say that Suzanne has a really fun blog to read. She has a little farm in West Virginia, and has miniture goats, miniture donkeys and a gigantic dog, plus chickens and ducks! Go see what she's up to today and give a vote please???
Her blog is Chickens in the Road.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I be having chickens!!!!!

It's little hard to see them in their brooding cage. (YD threw that cage together in a couple of hours. I had pallets and leftover aviary wire from work and she didn't feel like sawing the wood to make it fit properly, so it is literally thrown together. We scrounged up some nails that I had sitting around in the garage. It was a little crazy. They had to be put in a brooding pen. They were only two days old. We have the momma hen (she is a true bitch, took a hunk of skin off of YD's finger) These were "free range" chickens from the ranch where YD works. The hen laid and then hatched them out where the cats and raccoons would get the babies without question. So she brought them to me. The hen will go back to the ranch after the chicks are a little bigger. My heat lamp for them isn't enough warmth for just the chicks alone so we are using Momma to help out.
I wanted a few chickens I now have nine!
I so excited!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I forgot

Lisa from My New Thing To Do (sorry, my linky thing doesn't work right now) made me remember today in a comment that I hadn't posted my new losses.
I have hit the twenty plus point, so as soon as I can, I will be going out and getting at least some new pants. I have no clue what size I need, so it will be trial and error. How can I be excited about this? I hate shopping for clothes! I will be throwing away my old pants, they are thread bare anyway, and I do not want any thing around here that shouts "GO AHEAD AND SLACK OFF, THERE'S FAT PANTS HERE WAITING FOR YOU!"
I am not going back there!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And Yet, Another Project...

Let's hope I don't get bored with this one before it's complete. My intentions are always good, I just have a short attention span I guess. The other day I was finishing up a knitting loom scarf (Another craft I have taught myself and I love it! Cheater Knitting, It's so much easier than the real thing. Please don't jump down my throat if you do the Loom Knoitting, I mean nothing mean by it)
I made a scarf and I was going to try a different yarn on the loom, but soon found out that you can't use the cotton yarn for dishcloths on the loom, because it won't stretch. I had my crochet hook there with me and the cotton yarns that I hoped to do something with someday. I put the two together and came up with these squares. They turn out so pretty and stitch up in a jiffy. So far, I have made nine of them and when I have stitched up all the balls of yarn, I will sew them all together for a cover or bedspread or something to that effect.
It's been fun doing them and I am just stitching when I sit for a moment in between house chores.
Here's a pic of what I have done so far, and a pic of what is to become...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thoughts about sidewalks

No one uses the sidewalks in this town anymore. This morning when I was coming back from dropping my MD off at the bus stop, I had to change lanes because there was a woman jogging with her dog in the middle of the lane I was driving in. WTF?!? I mean comon people, there's a perfectly good sidewalk going to waste here!

Friday, November 06, 2009

I'm ba-a-a-a-c-c-c-k

I bet you didn't even know I was gone!
My computer died Monday or Tuesday (don't know which, cause when the computer is dead, so is my brain)
I borrowed money against my next paycheck and OD and I went out and got this new one. It's faster than my last one and I think I spent less money on it! Go figure. The other one lasted five years, so I am figuring I got my money's worth!
I'm just happy to be back online!
My kids are calling me a blogaholic. The first thing I did when I hooked up the new puter was to come here and catch up with everything!
I have a few pictures to post of my days without the computer, but those will have to wait til I am all finished getting the new settings in place etc!
Good to see you all again!