Thursday, September 08, 2016

Gaining On The Pillows!

Look! A post only four days after the last post! Something must be wrong.

No. I finally got my vision of pillows in check and have been moving forward with them.

For some reason the computer won't let me put this to the left, so I'm stuck with center.
The first picture is the second pillow top. I didn't end up quite with the plan I had. I was just so busy adding strips and making sure not to put all darks or all lights together I forgot what I was going to do. Until, that is, the very last little corner there. Oh well, it gives it a little more dimension. I put a straight border around the whole thing to give me more room to work with and to stabilize the edges, because those are bias cut. The border is a little "ruffle-y" but I think once I sew the back on it will work out fine.
The first pillow top needs to be enlarged, so I will add another row all around it to bring it into line with the size of the pillow forms.
So far I am pleased with how this is turning out. I always have worked better with an ad lib sort of plan. Hopefully, I won't screw up the final sewing of the pillow covers!


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Your peoples are going to be wonderful!

Scrapatches said...

Thanks for leaving a kind word on my blog and a thread trail back to your stitching goodness. I really like your work in progress. The pillow designs are very interesting and a good choice for your fabrics. Looking forward to seeing more ... :) Pat