Thursday, September 29, 2016

I Have Pillows!

They are done! Actually, they've been done for a couple of days, I just couldn't get the pictures due to busy-ness and cloud cover. So, without further ado...
The backs.

 The fronts.
 Back and front.
Front and back.

I am so happy to be done with these. I loved creating them. There was no pattern. I just sewed by the seat of my pants. Putting in the zipper turned out easy enough. I found some really good videos showing how to do them. One in particular was done very well. I would love to give credit to the woman who's video helped me the most. Her name is Christy Burcham and her business is Scisssortail Studio. She did a really nice video for the placement and sewing of the Flap Zipper. Thank you Christy!

So now on to the other two pieces I want to sew for my sisters. One is an apron user. So I am making her a cute little apron. I have a pattern for that. If I can manage to read the directions correctly I will have that done tonight. I'm just not one for following directions very well. I tend to go off on my own path, so this is a good challenge for me. I already messed up on the cutting directions, but it wasn't a super critical place. I will be able to fudge the finish without any telltale signs. I am making a table runner for the other sister, since she has this gorgeous huge dining table and does a lot of entertaining. I will be Kind of following a picture of a runner, but I will mostly be doing my own thing.

I am so happy to be getting back into the swing of things here. It feels better. Now, I just have to keep my momentum going....

I hope you all are happily stitching away at your next favorite project. I can't wait to see what you are all up to!


Selina B said...

well done! the cushions look lovely & comfy

you're on a roll

thanx for sharing

Linda in Calif. said...

Awww how sweet of you to make your sister an apron. I have a sister - I ought to do the same.

Linda in Calif. said...

Oh I forgot to say - the pillows turned out PERFECT! I really love them.