Sunday, September 04, 2016

Two squares Become One!

Finally! No...FINALLY! I got one pillow top done. Not the whole pillow, but there is progress. I worked diligently on the top and then tried really hard to dive into the second one, but my back was not having any part of it. So I put everything away and covered up anything I didn't want the cat sleeping directly on, and went to bed. My inspiration seems to come at odd hours, like when I should really be eating dinner, or taking a shower, feeding my critters, whatever it is I want to avoid for some reason or another. Don't get me wrong, I get it all done, just not by a clock or schedule. It's a good thing no one has to count on me for something!

Yes, that is a hole there in one of the strips. I'm keeping it real here. I did keep the stains for the most part out as much as possible. There were, after all, my dad's work pants. Which he wore until he absolutely could not work anymore. And then they were his "puttering around" pants.

So, I have cut more strips from other pants. I have to decide how they will go together. I want to do a diagonal pattern of some sort. Maybe one side diagonal and the other side the strips going in a different direction. Like:

I have cut the strips in different widths, so it gives it some interest. We will see what comes of it. I have to get brave again and battle the back pain! I am inspired though!

After all this I have a pattern for an apron and the fabric I need for it. I want to make the one sister an apron. She wears one whenever she cooks. (Probably why her clothes are never stained!) Then I want to make a table runner for the other sister. Confused yet?

More to come. What do you think of my projects so far? I am not looking for compliments. I would like feed back. Your comments mean a lot to me and my growth as a sewist!

Happy Labor Day! I hope you all aren't laboring!

If all goes well, next week I need to bake some bread. I have a couple of yeast packets to use before they expire! I can't wait to smell the kitchen! Hee Hee!


Scrapatches said...

Inspiration comes at odd times for me, too. Sometimes it takes me days to figure the next step out, as was the case recently with the small quilt I was quilting. I had two ideas and even practiced stitched one of them on scrap fabric and the right idea suddenly came to me when I was doing something else. I never know when my quity muse will speak.

I love that these pillow are a labor of love and that you are using fabric from work pants and letting the daily wear show. The hole makes it not only real but perfect ... :) Pat

Linda in Calif. said...

I like the design you have for these pillows- good job!