Monday, September 19, 2016

Warning: Picture poor!

Just an update on my progress. I went and bought some dark denim fabric for the backing on my pillows. I was thinking about going ahead with zipper closures, and was going to buy the zippers today when I went to get the fabric. But being the me that I am, went off and forgot to buy them!

So maybe tomorrow I will run to Walmart and see if they have something appropriate, or just forget about it altogether and do the flap version or a nice button closure. I'm so scatter brained sometimes!

I really have to do some talking to get myself to leave my property. I don't know if it's the lazys that get me or anxiety. When I leave I have to stop my car, get out, open the gate, get back in the car, drive through the gate, stop the car get out, close the gate, then get back in the car and go. Then it's the same thing in reverse when I get home. So, you see, it could very well be the lazys! (Especially when the weather is being miserable!) I'll see in the morning when I get up, if I'm in a zipper, flap or button mood.

The room mate told me today that we have a date for the actual walking and planning for my pallet barn tomorrow afternoon. We've been talking about it for a month now and nothing happens. He's a busy guy. I'm just grateful that he wants to help me with this task. (Task? I think maybe it's closer to a major project!) If we can get this done, then I will also be putting up a fence at the back of my property to keep the horses on an acre back there, so maybe no gates in my future!

I sure wish I could have done all this when I was a younger, healthier person. It may have been a little easier!

Just because I didn't have any fabric-y kinds of pictures to show...I get to see this sometimes when I am having my morning coffee. Isn't that the coolest?

Hope you are all loving that fall is around the corner. I am!


Scrapatches said...

I would love to see hot air balloons floating by while having my morning coffee. I might never want to leave home either. Thanks for adding the subscription button to your blog ... :) Pat

Linda in Calif. said...

I've been to the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival so I know how fun that can be seeing a hot air balloon go by. Good I'm glad Mr. Roommate is talking about doing this major project.