Friday, September 23, 2016

Oh My! What Fun!

I would have never thought pouring too much bleach on something would be so much fun!

I got the denim fabric to complete my denim pillows, but I didn't like the way the new denim looked with the old. So I thought I would age the denim, and threw it into hot water with bleach added. That did nothing to the fabric. It looked new still. (Now if I were to do that accidentally to something I loved the color of, it would fade it in a nano second!

Then I thought since I am not in love with the denim I would experiment with it and bleach. Why not? Well, now I know why not. I think I have started something that will turn my craft room into even a bigger mess than it is already. I love how the experiment turned out and my brain is already churning with the possibilities I have just opened up!

There are some spots that the bleach ate the fabric, but once I have ironed and trimmed up all the bad spots I think this will work for the pillow backings. And now I will probably go look through all my boring fabrics and "re-do" them.

Then, knowing me, I will turn this new fun thing I have discovered into dyeing my own fabrics and making all kinds of messes.

At least I played in my sewing room!


LA Paylor said...

I just love the denim pillows. What a great texture. Now how did you stop the bleaching action on the new denim? I don't think just water does it. We use dilute bleach on towels or they smell, and just rinse, so I suppose that's enough. It might concern me a bit about the bleach eating through the fibers. Still, it looks fab! Perfect for the pillows. How's the barn coming? I didn't know you had horses. I love a horse, not to ride but to watch. Too chicken to ride them.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Hi Claudia! Thanks for visiting my blog (3poodles and a nana)!!!

I love Lee Anna's blog too! I was just perusing through yours and added it to my daily blogs I read. Love what you did with the denim!!! It looks really cool! I just saw a show on PBS last night that featured dying fabric with shaving creme. I'm not kidding, it was very interesting!!!

I'm in Pennsylvania and garden as well (flowers only a few vegies). We live in a small city and we don't have enough sun for a full vegie garden. I composted when we first moved here until my soil became really rich. Now I buy compost to mulch with in the spring. I have friends with horses and that is why the book, "The Perfect Horse" struck my fancy. No horses for me. But I have a poodle (I had three, only one still with me). He is a standard poodle and a wonderful boy.

Well keep posting what you are doing! My poodle is pretty ill so I'm home a lot and am often living vicariously through blogs :)

Take care!
Hugs, Mickie