Monday, August 28, 2006

Los Lonely Boys

Saturday was an eventful day! In the morning I went to my daughter's friends' wedding shower. That was fun. It was a mixed shower, the guys were there. It always adds interest when the groom and friends attend. I like those better than the traditional "girls" only showers. After all it is the guys wedding too! These are some great kids. They have been in my life for several years now. My daughter has some wonderful choices of friends.

In the evening my girlfriend, her daughter, neice and her nephew's girlfriend and I went to Concord (a fifty +mile drive) to see Los Lonely Boys. I was excited to go see them when my girlfriend first told me she was getting me a ticket too, then as the date got closer, I was a little more reluctant. This reluctance I now believe is a direct result of my getting more and more depressed over the joblessness in my life. At 4:45, fifteen minutes before we were to leave for the concert, I was getting ready to back out all together. But they came and picked me up, now I am so glad I went. They were excellent. We had a blast! We did the lawn seating area, sat on a blanket under the stars. My bottom was flat and numb for a good hour and a half. It is good to have a girls night out like that.

My youngest daughter came over yesterday and spent the day with me. When I went to pick her up, we stopped by her work "for a minute" (She works at a Safeway grocery store) We ran into my dad and his girlfriend. I live five miles from my dad, by rarely get by to see him, so it was nice to run into them. I love his new girlfriend. She is down to earth and very loving. She has been really good for him. Besides, she raised five girls by herself, so completely understands me. (I raised three girls, by myself)

Today, we go pick up a mattress, box springs and frame from my afore mentioned girlfriend. Then my youngest can come and move back home. Being on her own was not all it was cracked up to be and the boyfriend (now ex) is being stupid. (Not just, "oh we had a fight" stupid, stuff that can get him in trouble with the law stupid and my daughter doesn't want to be involved). I told her to come home, save up for a car and her schooling that will cost her an arm and a leg, and be done with the guys for a while.

I need some sleep. We got home at 1:30 AM after the concert and then my daughter and I stayed up til almost 2 AM last night (this morning) just hanging out. I had to get up at 6AM Monday mornings to put the garbage out (So, I don't have to clean up after the raccoons) I am going to have a nice nap for myself later this afternoon maybe. If not, I will hit the hay early tonight. Maybe I will get stitching done today!

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