Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This is where I live. No, not in the water, but just the other side of the buildings you see in the background. I went kayaking in the ocean right down the street from my house. This was my first time out there. My daughter surfs there all the time, and kayakers go there all the time, but I have been too chicken until today. It was fun, til I came in. Then a bigger wave caught up with me and pushed my boat over! I got to go swimming! YAY!!! NOT!!! I asked advice from one of the veteran kayakers and he told me, it'll take time, just practice and know that I will get rolled from time to time until I have practiced enough. At least I know now, that I am not the only one. I was a little embarassed. Not anymore. Now I have a new adventure to talk about. It was on my want to do list, so that is good!


Terri said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. It is wonderful to get encouragement! I was feeling so bad last night when I posted. After 20 years with a company it is scarey to turn myself lose. I know I am too old to look for another job and too young for retirement. I will have to move in with my mother. I will have to give up 80% of my possessions to make room for myself. And sell my condo. The task seems so huge!

Mom Nancy said...

Thanks for visiting me! That picture is amazing. Takes me back to all the time I've spent in a cabin on a lake in Canada. Some of the best, most relaxing times of my life.

I'm going to post more stitching stuff this afternoon. I'm adding you to my bloglines.