Thursday, August 24, 2006

Things change so quickly

My ducks apparently are not in a row...those aren't even my ducks! I'm freaking out cause I cannot find employment. No one wants a 50 something y/o working for them, I don't have a higher education, I have some skills, but nothing anybody wants to hire! Crap! I got the local paper today, the pizza parlor is hiring in store personnel, maybe I'll be a pizza lady...I don't know. All of my confidence is gone, the last job took care of most of that, the 6 months of searching for a new job has gotten rid of the rest. I was going to do doggy day care, but the company I was going to go with on that has decided they want someone in different towns, and with having to get permits, licensing, insurance etc., it's not happening on my own.

My youngest daughter is moving back in with me for a while. Until she can save up enough money to buy a car, she will take the bus to work and then I will pick her up after work. She works 15 miles away and she gets off work at 11 PM some nights, Midnight on others. I would rather do this than to make her stay in the situation she is living in now, sounds like it could be getting a little dangerous for her.

The weekend after next, I am going to have a garage sale. Hopefully, I can get enough money together to carry me another week or two past the week my unemployment runs out. This weekend, I have a concert to go to. My girlfriend bought the ticket for my birthday for me. We are going to see Los Lonely Boys. I hope they do a good concert, I am in the mood for good music live.

In the meantime I have my stitching...I need to finish my neice's baby blanket soon. The baby is due Oct./Nov., but I do not like waiting til the last minute. I want it finished, washed, packaged all pretty and ready to go. I have a baby afghan that I need to tie a couple of ends on, then wash it, pack it up and send east to my girlfriend's daughter before her baby gets here. Another Oct./Nov. baby...and both boys! My neighbors just had a baby boy yesterday or the day before, must be in the air! Okay, I am really rambling on here. It's late, obviously I need sleep. Thanks for listening!

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