Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mystery Sampler

This is the start of Mystery Sampler, Part 1, from The Gift of Stitching, January Issue. It's an 18th Century Band Sampler by Long Dog Samplers. I am stitching it on the recommended linen 28 count, with all the colors recommended. I will tell you, I was very nervous about stitching on the linen, because I haven't done very well with the Aida cloth. I don't have much time to practice and I do okay, but I can see where I need lots of improvement! But, I LOVE stitching on the linen! It's been very smooth and easy, and my work looks a lot better on the linen than on any Aida I have ever used. I am hooked! So far (which isn't far at all) I love this! I hope I can get enough stitching done on this before the next installment comes out. I did just start it yesterday and that was setting up the linen to be stitched and getting out all the floss, etc. I couldn't wait to get home from work to work on it!


Carol said...

You are off to a fantastic start on the Mystery Sampler! I am stitching this one too, and will enjoy watching your progress - aren't the colors just stunning??

Rosanna said...

Hi Caludia, your wip seems really beautiful! I agree with you: it's better stitching on linen than aida; I began stitching on linen only few months ago, and I was afraid of it, but it wasn't so difficult as I thought! bye

tkdchick said...

Lovely start!