Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Road Trip Done

This is what it is all about. My grandson, being entertained by his auntie. Seeing my grandson was the first stop on our two day road trip. My youngest daughter hadn't met her nephew yet...and he will be a year old in March.
We visited for a little over three hours and then went on our way to Fresno. We made good time. What a difference a good car makes on a road trip. All my other cars have been kind of barely doing it types of cars...this one is actually a luxury car compared to them! (It's a pick up, with a shell to match) It's the newest auto I have owned in a long time.
We got to Fresno and our hotel room around 4PM...not bad. Looked up a friend we wanted to visit with while there. We met up with him and spent some time shopping at WalMart for stuff to entertain us at the hotel room...you know, snacky things, a couple of puzzle books...stuff you don't get at home. We got back to the room around 7:30. I felt like it was 10PM! We settled in, got comfy, and passed out. I woke up at six in the morning, took the dog out for a walk (26 degrees outside!!!!!) Came back in took a shower...hot, hot, hot...made coffee and sat and watched my daughter sleep til her alarm went off. Do you know how long it's been since I watched my daughter sleep?!? She hasn't been a baby for a long time...well, 17-18 years! I probably did watch her sleep when she was around 4 or 5 though too. I forgot what that means to me. And even though she's 19 + now, I can still see the child like innocence in her face. Once she got up it was whirlwind moves. We packed up, checked out and went over to her storage unit to hopefully get her belongings. Thank God it was all still there. There had been a possibility that her girlfriend (no longer friends) had taken out everything, but she didn't. In fact the other girl left a lot of her own stuff in there, so I guess she has to make another trip. We loaded up everything of Erica's and checked out of the storage place. Erica has been paying storage for both of their belongings for over a year and some of the stuff she had in there was priceless stuff. Hundreds of pictures, her stuffed koala bear that she got when she was hospitalized around Christmas when she was two...things like that. I wish I had a camera to get the look on her face when she found that koala! That was priceless!
We got back on the road and drove about a half hour til it was time to find a place to eat breakfast. After that it was drive, drive, drive til we came across a Super WalMart and had to stop to pick up things that we wanted, but wouldn't afford ourselves unless it was at the WalMart! We arrived home around 5PM yesterday. Whew!
I guess I am not much of a traveler anymore. I am still disoriented. I am so grateful that I don't go back to work til tomorrow.
I haven't done any stitching the last couple of days.. But today I think I will make up for it. We'll see. I have to catch up with laundry, then re-straighten out my bedroom. I kind of just plopped everything down and put just a few things away. Naw...I think I'll get some stitching in...

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