Monday, January 01, 2007

Not a Creature Was Stirring...

Okay, okay, it's past that time, I know. But I started this BEFORE Christmas, I did! He's still not finished. All he needs is a little more back stitching and some BEAD-y little eyes and some Holly Berry beads. He's cute in real life, the picture didn't turn out too well. I got the pattern from the December issue of "The Gift of Stitching". He is called Mr. Christmas Mouse by Twisted Oak Designs. As I figure it, if I do one of these a month, I will have ornaments to give at Christmas this year...instead of the usual thought process of..."Oh man! I should have started's too late now!" Ya see, I tend to not get into the mood until a couple of weeks before Christmas. I will finish him by cutting a circle around him and then the same size of a Christmas-y color fabric for the back and then maybe some red and white cording made from floss around the edges, and for the loop to hang it. I'll take a finish photo when I get there.
Earth Goddess is on a back burner until she gets a voice and calls out to me. I think the fact that I made a boo boo made me stop, cause I had to fudge to fix it. Boo boo was found too far into the process to frog it, so fudging is called for. I will finish it, some day.
I'm going back to Weight Watchers tomorrow morning. It'll be better for me to go in the morning and now since my days off have changed to Mon., Tues. I can go to the local meeting Tuesday mornings! I have been on the monthly pass (wasted money since I kept forgetting to go after work on Wednesdays...or I'd be too tired to move once I get home. Gee, do you think if I lost some weight I'd have the energy to go after work then? I'm going to post losses here for that as well. I will have some other sense of accountablity if I know somebody may read this. I have just under 94 pounds to lose...keep checking back to watch it roll off!!!
Another blogger I read does a quilt block for each pound she loses. I thought that was pretty cool. I would have enough blocks to cover quite a large area if I do that. I want to try it out. I won't commit to it just yet, we'll see how it goes when I start making blocks per pound. Technically, I should have 2.8 blocks made so far, but since I took a leave of absence (or maybe it was...I took a leave of my mind) I will start this endeavor this year. So...what ever I have lost (a-hem) since the last time I was there, I will do blocks. (I say a-hem, because of course I didn't go throughout the entire holiday season...hmmm, can you say avoiding the issues?)
I just realized that it is 11:50 PM! ACK!!! I slept a lot in my chair today and I guess it really had an affect on my sense of where the day is at! Got to go for now. Check back, see if I stick to my words!

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