Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Weigh In Day

I did go to my meeting. I am not happy with myself. I gained .8 pound, but I am over it...got to get myself back up on that horse and ride it proper this time. I got too cocky, with losing the 6 pounds without trying. So...I am staying on program, at least this week, and we'll see what my results are next Tuesday. It will be a challenge; I have the trip to Fresno Sunday/Monday and I have already promised pastries to my son and dtr in law. So I'll pick up some low cal thing for me while I am at it. I have already planned for my dinner...Applebee's, since they have W.W. plan type meals.
Just a tad on the stitching front. I had a hard time getting going on my project for the bathroom. I had to frog something twice and re-do. I finally got that and a few other stripes done. I'll snap a picture maybe tomorrow night. There's really not much to show, but I am babbling on about it, so I think you should see it.
That's it for tonight. I should have been in bed long ago...UGH! Work tomorrow. See Yas!

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