Tuesday, January 02, 2007


It's amazing, I think! I did go to my WeightWatchers meeting this morning, and...I lost weight over the holidays! I was so pleasantly surprized. I did not follow "the plan", I strayed so far from what WeightWatchers teaches, but I LOST. Another 6.2 whopping pounds. That is 9 pounds altogether. So...I owe 9 quilt blocks. I am going to have to do that now I think. Just think, a quilt after losing weight. I now only need to lose 87.4 pounds to get to my initial goal weight, another 4 for the recommended goal weight. Can you imagine what I would have lost if I had stayed program faithful! That's okay...it doesn't matter now. I am so encouraged to keep it up now. I kind of knew I was losing, cause my pants slide down. At this rate I will have to go buy new clothes...darn.

I'm headed to Fresno the 14th and 15th. I don't want to mess with the weight loss, so I already scoped out an Applebee's. Their menu looks fantastic. WeightWatchers is in kahoots with them (or vice versa) and they have a WeightWatchers menu with all the points figured out for you...even a yummy looking dessert. I already chose what I will have...and it comes to 13 points. What with a balanced diet early in the day, and maybe having to use my weekly flex points, that should be good. That's appetizer, entree, and DESSERT!

Well, I am off to JoAnns to pick up some floss and fabric for the Mystery Sampler out of "The Gift of Stitching" I really want to do that...at least one of them, just to experience it. It's an 18th Century Band Sampler from Long Dog Samplers.

See you all next time! Hopefully soon, well at least once a week, cause I have to track the weight loss here.

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Rosanna said...

it's fantastic! I'm trying to do a diet, but ... it's so difficult!